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Wine of the Month Club

Being a parent involves a complete sense of dedication to the children we’re raising. More times than not, we forget to take care of ourselves. Sometimes, we forget about date nights. Sometimes, we just cherish being able to sit down, relax with a glass of something, and listen to some Jack Johnson…or Foo Fighters.

Along with our parenting adventures, struggles and humorous tales alike, we also want to share our favorite drinks. Fortunately, we’re very easy to please. Keep tabs with us as we continue to grow our recipe list and continue to the bottom of this page to see how you can land your own recipes on our page.

Drink Recipes from Pinterest

Check out our Pinterest page where we pin any and all things that look absolutely yummy. We are always looking for fun cocktails to try for date nights or gatherings with our friends.

Share Your Recipes with Us!

Do you have a favorite drink recipe? Do your friends turns to you as the resident bartender whenever there’s a get-together?

Share your recipes with us and we will add it to this page, with your permission, of course. Your name will appear alongside your recipe, whether it’s a Winey Parent-style (easy) recipe or a complex cocktail that will wow an audience just by watching it being concocted.

To have your recipe included on our page, email the Winey Parent. In your email, list the recipe and any directions to create your masterpiece. Then, share your first name (last name or initial optional). We’ll be happy to link to your blog as well, in the hopes of bringing more winey parents together. We look forward to sharing your favorites!

Whatever your drink of choice, please drink responsibly.

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