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10 Stocking Stuffer Gift Ideas for Kids

10 Stocking Stuffer Gift Ideas for Kids

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Not just Any Old Stuff

We all have so much stuff in our houses, that you may cringe at the idea of bringing in more stuff all in the name of stocking stuffers. So, why not make those stocking stuffers purposeful or at the very least consumable?

Now, you may be thinking “the last thing my kids need is MORE candy!” but that isn’t necessarily where I am going with consumables. Hear me out. How about getting your kids some hot chocolate mix (buy one box and split it up between all of them? Or maybe they have a favorite snack that you can get and put in their stocking. Adelaide happens to love sour cream and onion chips. “In you go chips! Thanks for filling a good part of that stocking!” Some candy is ok, but if you don’t want any at all, then keep reading for more ideas.

Stuff (with) This

  1. Toothbrush and tooth paste. You might need it, especially if you go the candy route.
  2. Band-Aids! All kids love Band-Aids, even when there is no visible boo-boo, a Band-Aid makes it all better. Get some cool Band-Aids to replenish your stash.
  3. Gloves or mittens. Those things always go missing in our house, plus they outgrow them or they are just gross from the year before. A fresh pair of gloves might make the daily struggle of wearing them a little easier.
  4. Winter Hat. Goes along with the gloves or mittens. Always nice to have a fresh hat in the bin for winter.
  5. Crayons, pencils, markers. This is a good time to replenish your crafting supplies. You were going to buy them anyway, so might as well turn it into a present.
  6. Vitamins. If your kids regularly take vitamins, might as well throw them in the stocking too!
  7. Card games. Remember to make the stocking stuffers a little fun too. My kids are obsessed with “go fish” right now, so we may be looking for more card games that are similar to this one.
  8. Hair accessories. My daughter is always losing ponytail holders. This is a no-brainer for us. She needs pony tail holders, so I might as well make it a stocking stuffer!
  9. Chapstick. If your kids are like mine, they lick their lips and have dry, flaky lips all winter. Chapstick to the rescue!
  10. A new Christmas tree ornament. They will get a kick out of decorating the tree and will remember it next year when you pull it out of the decoration box. Bonus, when they grow up (eventually they will grow up and move out, right?!), they can take their ornaments with them to their house.

Share Your Stocking Stuffer Ideas

These are some of the ideas we have for our kids’ stockings, but what’s on your stocking stuffer list? Please share your ideas in the comment section. We are always looking for new practical gift ideas, not crappy stuff!

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