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Geography: A Quest for Adventure

Geography: A Quest for Adventure

Homeschool Life Update

Homeschool. It really does have some pretty awesome moments. Some of those moments have come from their Geography lessons – and, you can be sure they now have a long list of places they want to see in person. Don’t get me wrong, there are some challenges with teaching your own kids. Patience is one of those challenges, and it’s not just lacking on my part. Sometimes, my kids get so excited about wanting to do something that they don’t focus on the task at hand. Or they don’t want to do the work and they choose to guess instead of doing the work. Other times, when I’m not feeling very patient, I do my best to get into this ultra-calm mode where my tone is very soft.

I usually get to this point after realizing I’m about to hit a boiling point. Understanding my kids are young kids, ages 6 and 8, it’s sometimes hard to remember that, especially since they’re giants. I’m serious; one kid is 4’3, while the other is about 4’10. So, of course I forget that they’re still quite young and learning a lot. And they are learning a ton this year. They’ve done such an amazing job at processing the many different things they’ve covered this year, including Geography.

Take Us Away, Geography

Geography has become this grand tour of the world. I’ve introduced some facts about countries, monuments, various animals, and the many different types of food. All you have to do is mention food and my kids are all in. It’s especially helpful when you can show them these places. Having places to turn to on YouTube has been a great resource for them to see with their own eyes what different cities in other countries look like. Plus, my kids love watching other people trying new foods. It instantly makes them want to wish a transporter (a la Star Trek) existed.

“I want to go there now!” Yes, they’ve said that. “I want to eat that now!” Yes, they’ve shouted that as well. They’ve “visited” places in Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, and South America, and I love that they now have a desire to travel. It makes me want to travel with them to see them see these new worlds. Although I do believe food is a primary motivator with both of my kids, I think they will love seeing the various architecture, museums, landscapes, and the overall vibe that comes with visiting somewhere new.

The kids have actually created a few different travel itineraries throughout the course of this year. They’ve listed countries they want to visit, while also listing what cities to explore, landmarks to see, and, of course, food to consume. It’s probably one of their favorite activities, and who am I to argue with them learning about other countries. They get to see how people travel within the city, the different types of cafés, and how beautiful and wondrous other countries seem.

Where Should We Travel First

Homeschooling this year has emphasized the importance of learning Geography. Most of all, I think it’s highlighted how world travel will become a part of our family. Well, you know, once it’s safe to do so once we’re over this whole pandemic thing. Look, the pandemic is a whole other issue we’re all dealing with, so I’m not going to touch that subject at the moment. I just want my kids to be happy and I love that my kids get happy about the idea of traveling abroad.

You can bet your bottoms that Meghan and I want to be able to give that to them. I mean, after this past year (and still running), why wouldn’t we want to try and give them the world? We want that more than anything. I love teaching them. I love to see them learning about so many different things. When all is said and done, I can’t wait to see them learning while in an all-new place. Their list is growing. They want to see Paris, France, Copenhagen, Denmark, Lisbon, Portugal, Tallin, Estonia, Beijing, China, Brussels, Belgium (because, yes, waffles and French fries), and Adelaide, Australia (because, yes, it is Adelaide’s namesake).

That’s only a handful of cities they’ve mentioned, and some of those places are specifically because of Somebody Feed Phil. Again, I might be a broken record, but you should really watch it if you haven’t yet. We’re also big fans of The Endless Adventure! They have fantastic videos from their world travels. The list goes on and on, from Strictly Dumpling to Food Insider. Our kids love any and all shows about food!

So, Geography has been a gigantic hit with the kids this year. Learning about new places, seeing foods that are available to eat, sights they can see, and all of the things in-between getting from point A to B gets them excited. And that is something I’ll hold onto for as long as humanly possible. I can’t wait to travel with them.

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