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Travis will be talking about a variety of subjects on our new Winey Parent podcast. If you don’t enjoy falling asleep to the sound of his voice, you’ll dig his thoughts on parenting, geeky things, or shows like Survivor or Fringe.

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Podcast: Survivor 40 Episode 7 Highlights

Another fan favorite is voted out and Travis makes another "brilliant" prediction.

Podcast: Survivor 40 Episode 6 Highlights

A crazy episode that includes one of the biggest moves in the game.

Podcast: Survivor 40 Episode 5 Highlights

Travis gives three highlights, but points out that there's really only one that matters.

Podcast: Survivor 40 Episode 4 Highlights

Episode 4 of Survivor is in the books, but Travis shares his highlights. He also makes a prediction leading to a swap.

Podcast: Survivor 40 Episode 3 Highlights

A popular player is sent home in the third episode of Survivor Season 40. Are there any highlights to cover after a crazy spin at tribal council?

Podcast: Survivor 40 Episode 2 Highlights

Travis breaks down his thoughts on the second episode from Survivor Season 40: Winners at War.

Podcast: Survivor 40 Premiere Highlights

It's all about the first episode from the Survivor season fans have been waiting for.

Podcast: Survivor 40 Draft

Meghan and Travis create a draft for Survivor Season 40. It's their first draft together, but will it be their last?

FRINGE Season 1 Episode 3 Recap

Travis shares one of the most unique moments in television as he shares his thoughts on episode 3 of Fringe.

FRINGE Season 1 Episode 2 Recap

Travis takes a look at the second episode in the first season of the hit series Fringe.

A Winey Parent Take: FRINGE

The one show that Travis might consider as topping his all-time favorite of Star Trek: The Next Generation goes to Fringe. He shares his thoughts on a stellar pilot episode.

This is a scary time and Travis shares his thoughts and fears in some Winey Parent Talk. So, hopefully this will provide solace to anyone needing comfort during these difficult times.

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