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A Winey Parent Welcome

Being a parent is one of the hardest things any of us will ever do. Is it worth it? 100% yes! Do we need help along the way? Aboso-freaking-lutely!

That’s why we’re here. Winey Parent is your partner in this parenting journey. We aim to help you engage your children and family in meaningful and fun activities, provide you with time management tips, budgeting tips (who couldn’t use a little more money?), and even some educational tips to enrich your child.

So, follow along with us as we stumble through this journey called parenting.

This activity is easy and the game component makes it loads of fun for our kids. Adelaide and Marshall have been asking to hide and find eggs almost every single day.

We love reading to our kids, but it’s even more amazing when our kids decide to read to us. Meghan shares some tips that she uses in the classroom.

We’ve started a series dedicated to recipes that our kids have had a hand in making. We also highlight quick recipes our kids love or what we do when we have to make a quick change of plans.

It’s not easy to get a date night together, where we actually go out. So, we created some fun questions you and your partner can enjoy any day of the week.

Winey Parent Wednesday...Our Mid-Week Date Night-In
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