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Brought to You by a Leading Lady and Giant Dork

Laughing As We Go is one part a bartender vlog series, mixed with our very own Winey Parent podcast. In this vlog, Travis is making cocktails for Meghan and she will be the taste tester. Some will be delicious, while others we’ll just make sure she says they’re delicious.

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Whatever your drink of choice, please drink responsibly.

Tasty vs. Gross Cocktail Tasting

Meghan is taking over the duties as cocktail maker, and Travis must try something tasty and gross!

Strawberry Moscow Mule

One of Meghan's favorites is a Moscow mule, so Travis mixes up a slight variation just in time for summer.

Stay Home Sangria

Mr. Bartender puts together a bunch of ingredients and we'll see if he finally fails at making a tasty cocktail.

Peach Bubbly Cocktail

Sure, we're calling it a peach bubbly.

A Cherry Lime Fizzy Cocktail

Someone laughed during the production of this cocktail, and there's a chance you might too.

How to Make a Tropical Crush

We mix together our take on a classic orange crush.

Cherry Lemon Squeezy Cocktail Recipe

Our very first vlog in our bartender series features a couple of ingredients that when mixed together gets a thumbs up from our leading lady, Meghan.

Snapshots of Our First Trial Run

Before we moved to video, we took a couple of photos from our first take in our bartender series.

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