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Date nights seem impossible at times. Sometimes, being a parent means we forget about finding time for ourselves or making sure we connect with our significant others.

Sometimes, we have to try a little harder to find time and make plans to recharge our parenting energy. Date nights are a breath of fresh air, like a walk on the beach during the summer.

Date Night Ideas

1-Hour Babysitter: Hire a babysitter so you, your significant other, or both of you can step away and focus on yourselves. Go for a quick run or walk around the neighborhood. You can also step out back for a more intimate conversation. So, grab your beverage of choice and enjoy the alone time knowing your kids are okay and only a few feet away.

Extended Weekend: Whether it be in-laws or close friends, ask for an overnight when you’re feeling stressed. Let your kids enjoy their time over at the grandparents’ house. A night without worry will make you feel as if you’ve had an extended stay at a five-star hotel.

cheap date night

Date Night on a Dime: Four Crazy Cheap Date Night Ideas

The first step in making any cheap date night a success is to ditch the kids if you can. If you have family that can take your kids for the night, do it! If you don’t have family nearby, or they won’t take your kids for an overnight, check into an agreement with good parent friends to watch their kids one night and they watch yours another.

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