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Our Mission

We started this blog as a way to chronicle this crazy journey known as parenthood. We know we are NOT alone on this journey and that many of our readers would connect to our daily struggles and adventures…and love of wine. So, pour yourself a glass and follow us on this adventure!

About Meghan

Mom, wife, teacher, exhausted human being. I love my kids, husband, and most days my job as a public school pre-kindergarten teacher. I also love my WINE!

Cheery Momma – Dream a Reality


Coffee Mommy – 24/7 365 Days


Winey Parent – Twice on Sunday


About Travis

Daddy, husband, writer extraordinaire. Beyond my wife and kids, I love comic books, creative writing, and daydreaming about being the literary version of Dave Grohl. Bourbon or bubbly, please.

Bubbly Dada – Frown Upside Down


Creativity Daddy – 12/5, 235 Days  


Needy Parent – Wink Twice for Help


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If you’re interested in collaborating with us, sending products for us to review, placing ads on our site, or you really just want to send us wine (*wink wink*), then send us an email and we’ll get back to you as soon as humanly possible for a parent.

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