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Keeping your children occupied with activities helps their development in so many ways. They can learn safety with certain tools, improve dexterity and strength, and process the steps needed to start and finish something.

Summer Time = Water Time

Our kids always need some water play, so we have a list of must haves for the summer.

The "I'm Bored" Phase

We compiled a list of activities and put them into a bucket. So, when our kids say, "I'm bored," we have them pick out one.

Create Learning Space for Your Kids

We recently expanded the kids' learning spaces and they love their new independence!

Stay At Home Activities: Art With Kids

Watching the kids draw, and sometimes joining in, is such a fun activity.

Cooking with Kids!

We highlight Pinterest recipes our kids love to absolutely devour. We also share other recipes where they've taken part of the process, which they equally love! We're talking about pretzels, ice cream, and, of course, pizza.

51 Free or Cheap Activities

I have definitely noticed that if the kids are engaged in something their behavior is 100% better than when they are not engaged, so as a part of my sanity saver, I think it is important to have free or cheap activities to fall back on when we run out of things to do. Plus, we will be making life-long memories to hold onto!

One-on-One Time with Our Kids

Having a daddy-daughter date might look something like this: library, pizza, ice cream, and comics. Simple and it's the best.

9 Winter Activities for Kids

Here are the winter activities Meghan and I love to do and some translate well during any time of the year.

21 Cool Snow Day Activities for the Family

If you come across a snowy day, then take a look at some great activities that you and your kids will love.

How to Make a Thanksgiving Craft

Your kids might enjoy creating something they can reuse in the future. Here are all of the steps you’ll need to help your kids craft their very own Thanksgiving placemat.

Build Your Own Snowman

Your kids will love this simple snowman craft that will also help them practice their letters and fine motor skills.

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The Hershey Park Experience

Needless to say, this was one of the kids' favorite parts of the summer. They asked to go back to Hershey Park, while we were still there!

Fruit Picking

We took our kids to Larriland Farms and they had so much fun picking their own peaches. They already want to go back to pick apples!

Mother's Day Craft!

This fun craft is perfect for kids, because they get to have their hands painted. And it's not too hard to clean afterwards.

More Activities and Crafts on the Way!

Keep tabs with the Winey Parent as we continue to share more of our parenting adventures and crafts with our kids.

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