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Watercress is Wonderfully Heartfelt

WATERCRESS explores what it means to appreciate what we have in our lives, and even the simplest of things can provide good memories.

Always and Forever: Be Kind

This children's story highlights the thoughtful process of being kind. Check out our book review of BE KIND by Pat Zietlow Miller and Jen Hill.

Perfect Vision of Love

It's a children's picture book that highlights positive messages of love and acceptance. Check out our book review of I AM PERFECTLY DESIGNED by Karamo Brown, Jason "Rachel" Brown, and Annosha Syed.

This Children's Book Hits the Bullseye

It's an imaginative tale that lets children go off on a wild adventure. Check out our book review of THE SILVER ARROW by Lev Grossman.

Bookroo Subscription Service

We share why Bookroo is absolutely perfect for subscribing to its monthly service!

Future Children's Book Reviews

We’ll be providing more book reviews, so keep your eyes on future posts. Subscribe to our blog, and also follow us on social media, to stay current on our posts.

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