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Cooking with Kids: Throwing Together Taco Pizza

Cooking with Kids: Throwing Together Taco Pizza

We Say Taco, Our Kids Say, "YES!"

What do you do when you have ground beef for tacos defrosting on the counter for dinner and you start making pizza dough for lunch only to realize you won’t have enough time to make said pizza dough into something edible before lunch? You combine the ideas of pizza and tacos into a delicious taco pizza. You may recall from a previous post, that my kids LOVE tacos, so I thought this was a sure-fire win. And for the most part, it was.

About My Lunch Idea

I started making the pizza dough around 10:30/11:00 and quickly realized that rise time + cook time did NOT equal lunch in a timely fashion. But I’m not tossing the pizza dough, so I forge ahead and shape the dough. After the dough is shaped, I turn my attention to the pound of ground beef that is sitting on my counter defrosting. I toss it in a pan, brown it, drain it, and add taco seasoning. Then I grab a jar of salsa and use that as my pizza sauce. I take the leftover corn and black beans from the fridge and spread them around too. Sprinkle the meat and cheese and throw that bad-boy into the oven at 350 for about 30 minutes (side note, I probably should have cooked it at a higher temp for a shorter time, but it was delicious all the same!).

When I tell you our house smelled amazing, I am not exaggerating in the slightest. Tacos smell amazing. Pizza smells amazing. There was no way this was going to fail. Even my mom stopped by and raved about the smells! When dinner time rolled around, I grabbed the sour cream and some extra salsa, and we all dug in. For the most part it was a win. Adelaide said it was amazing. Marshall got an onion from the salsa in his first bite and was skeptical after that but did manage to eat a slice (mostly the crust). Travis and I destroyed a couple small slices each and everyone was happy and full by the end of the meal.

Taco Pizza Ingredients on the Fly

If you want to try Taco Pizza for your family all you need is your favorite pizza dough recipe (or refrigerated dough/premade crust-who am I to judge?!) a jar of your favorite salsa, Mexican blend cheese, taco seasoning and meat, and whatever other toppings your family likes on their tacos. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed with this relatively quick and delicious meal.

Keep Making Memories

So, we’re going to take an unscheduled break next week. One of our big missions this summer was to do as many things with our kids and build some fun memories. That being said, we are going to take our kids on a surprise trip. We’re not telling them what or where. We’ll let them know we’re going on a road trip, get them dressed, and hit the road. We can’t wait to see the excitement on their faces when they see the ocean in the distance.

We’ll be back next Thursday, so stay tuned for more content from your Winey Parent.

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