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Date Night: Crated with Love Experience

Date Night: Crated with Love Experience

Crated with Love provided Winey Parent with a date night box to review, but we will not be compensated additionally for the review. These are my words. As an affiliate, I can earn from purchases made through links in this post.

What is Crated with Love?

As Meghan and I have started Winey Parent, we’ve realized how little time we actually spend with just each other. After we discovered Crated with Love, we immediately became enamored with a company that provides what we’ve been lacking – dedicated times for date nights with different themed boxes each month. This monthly date night subscription service recently celebrated four years of business and I really believe they’ve made something important for couples.

Not only were Meghan and I excited about having a date night, we were very curious about what kind of box we would be getting. We didn’t know what kind of date would show up on our doorstep. Let’s just say, we were thrilled to see a tropical date night box. It probably (most definitely) helped that it’s been blistering cold outside. For me, it really made me instantly think back to our honeymoon in Antigua, one of the most fun times we’ve spent together. It might seem simple, but it doesn’t take much for me to reminisce on such great times and I love that Crated with Love did that for me.

Tropical Destination

This magical, tropic-themed date night box provided us with four activities. There were two games and two crafts. I’ll be honest, I like the idea of crafting, but I’ve never really designated much time to doing any for myself outside of helping the kids. In this box, there was a “make your own mosaic.” They provided an assortment of colorful sea glass, a postcard, and glue. The goal is to make whatever you want. The trick is that you take turns placing one piece after another. We decided on the “let’s see what happens” design. At first, I tried to see if a flower would form, but some kind of “fish” took shape. I’ll call it a fish – you might call it a colorful blob. As we sat there, I realized how quiet it was in the house. This is somewhat of a premium in our house, because, you know, kids.

The other craft had us soak small beads in a large bowl of water. They would then expand and we would place them in a jar, which was provided by Crated with Love. The point of this activity was to have us share something we want to do for each other. It could be anything; saying “I love you,” sharing why your significant other is so wonderful, or giving a massage every day for a week. The jar of beads is then placed somewhere in our home to serve as a reminder to hold true to doing those things. For what we chose, I’ll keep that between Meghan and me. This is a family show after all (wink wink).

It's Game Time!

The major highlights for us came with the other two activities – GAMES! One was a collaborative game that had us traveling across an island (aka the game board), trying to collect enough supplies to escape. This adventure game was challenging and a lot of fun. Using gestures, one-word clues, and rolling a die were all part of the difficulties and laughter involved with this game. So, if you can describe the keyword on a card, using gestures or a single word, you get to cash in on the supplies. Let’s just say we might know how to “sometimes” find humor in common phrases, objects, or animals. I mean, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you’re asked to describe an anaconda that’s emerged from the bushes?

The other game was a battle, winner takes all! We had to construct paper airplanes and then try to land them on set targets, earning points. First to 100 wins. This game might’ve taken a while. Let’s just say that the surrounding world is lucky we don’t have any part in the construction of airplanes. We were laughing at our poorly crafted planes and then the awful flights they would take. What makes it even better, this particular activity had a stipulation. The winner gets a tropical-themed dinner and drink, presented by the loser, and it has to be done within a month. Let’s just say it was a closely contested airplane battle and there isn’t any need to say who lost (MEGHAN) and who won (TRAVIS). I mean, who keeps score like that? I am absolutely not regretting this as I type it.

Let's Do that Again!

So, anyway, I want to continue getting Crated with Love date night boxes. It was a fun experience that made us think strategically, talk about ourselves, and do what I love most – make Meghan laugh. I give Crated with Love a very Winey Parent seal of approval and I gladly recommend this to anyone looking to have an enjoyable date night with their significant other.

If you want to give Crated with Love a try, click on this link and you will take $5 OFF your first date night box. And don’t forget, make sure to leave us a comment below on how your date night went!

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