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Stay at Home Activities: Art with Kids

Stay at Home Activities: Art with Kids

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De-stress with Art

It’s been a difficult transition to staying at home, but our kids have handled it much better! The other day, Adelaide just started drawing art. She grabbed a few books and started to draw images from the covers or from within, and they were fracking great! I couldn’t believe what I saw when she started to show me these images. I knew she liked to draw, but I didn’t know she was able to do this.

She started showing me characters that she was drawing and I was blown away. Although I shouldn’t be surprised, the artwork she was putting in front of me was exceptional. I loved how excited she was at showing me her drawings. I was then even more happy at how excited she was getting at realizing her work was spectacular. Adelaide is an artist! Holy crap. How do I help her continue her craft? She’s drawing different characters from various stories and I’m falling in love with all of them. I only want to know what I can do to help encourage her love of this craft. For me, she’s clearly more talented than I could’ve ever imagined for myself. So, I want to break that mold and help her find a space in the art world.

Kid Art for the Win!

My daughter has drawn some incredible artwork based on images she’s seen from books she loves. If you need any advice during this difficult “stay at home” time in our lives, let me help you. If your kid asks you to draw with her, go for it. Sit down at the table with her and create a magical period of time that she will absolutely love. So, I was looking to work on some other parenting blog work when she asked me to draw with her. I realized that one thing is more important than any other thing. Our kids are looking for engagement. Not only would they get that in school, but now more than ever, they want to see themselves being recognized by the parents who are stuck at home too.

I’ve tried more than ever to not be overwhelmed by staying at home, while making sure both kids are avoiding the stresses of enjoying group activities going forward. We hope everyone is doing their best to discover more artwork. So, hopefully you’ll enjoy art as much as we have.

Take care, everyone.

Art and the Books Adelaide Drew Them From

If you’re interested in getting some great books to read, and also draw from, check out the books listed next to Adelaide’s artwork.

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