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Laughing as We Go: A Bartender Series

Laughing as We Go: A Bartender Series

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Totally Not a Professional

Back in college, and thereafter, I became the bartender for any party or get-together I attended. First, I’ve never been an official bartender or received any training. I honestly don’t recall how it first happened, but somehow friends liked my drinks and then it became commonplace whenever I arrived. It’s always been something I enjoy doing, because I like knowing my friends want me to take care of them. It’s probably silly to feel appreciated for something as simple as making cocktails, but I like being a go-to for almost anything. At some point when Meghan and I were dating, this fact came out and I’ve been her official bartender ever since. Admittedly, my nemesis for some time was making the perfect mojito, which I eventually conquered a few years ago.

Making cocktails seems like one of the easiest ways to put a smile on someone’s face. Someone tells you what kind of drinks or flavors they enjoy, and then make something with whatever ingredients are on hand. Along with previous mojito issues, it’s safe to say that not all drinks are created equally. There are times when I have to tweak the drink. I’ll say that’s a product of the occasional heavy hand with the pouring. So, one way to rectify is to use a shot glass as a standard measurement for drinks. But, sometimes, I’m a little lazy and just craft drinks on the fly. You might be asking, “What’s the point of this story?” Well, Meghan thinks we should create a bartender’s (vlog) series. I create cocktails. She tells me if they stink.

Mr. Bartender Series, Yes?

Does this interest you? Would you like to see me make cocktails and possibly act-a-fool while I make ridiculous faces shaking cocktails together? Oh, side note, we need to buy a shaker. Here are the things we’ll need for this bartender vlog series:

If you want to see us create a brand-new bartender series where you can feel like I do — an ordinary, everyday person who makes cocktails whenever his wife raises a glass to him — then let us know in the comments below.

If you’re not here for this, stick around because maybe you’ll get a laugh out of it. Cheers!

Whatever your drink of choice, please drink responsibly.

⇒ If this is my welcome to our bartender series face, then I’m equally as horrified.

⇒ Smiling dork.

⇒  100% total dork.

⇒  Do I dare?

⇒  So close!

⇒  Nope, got scared.

⇒  The beautiful taste tester.

⇒  First sip.

⇒  She might not have enjoyed that.

⇒  Turns out she was just kidding.

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