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Learning Through Play: Frisbee Style

Learning Through Play: Frisbee Style

Frisbee Life

Something our kids have really gotten into this year is throwing the frisbee around. This activity really highlights how kids learn through play. There have been some bumps and bonks along the way, and some tears, but both Adelaide and Marshall have grown to love this simple outdoor fun.

There have been some frisbee collisions with the kids’ bodies. They’ve been hit in the stomach, fingers, arms, legs, face, and on top of the head. Obviously, the latter options didn’t feel great for them, but something has really helped their confidence.

The kids have discovered that wearing their winter gloves help protect their hands. Once they realized the frisbee won’t hurt their hands as much, they have more confidence to go after the frisbee. It was pretty amazing to see that moment click, especially for Adelaide. She made a decision to go get gloves and now she’s not as timid with the frisbee flying toward her.

Trial and Over the Fence Error

One thing that’s always bound to happen when throwing around anything in the backyard is seeing it sail over the fence. It’s happened plenty of times, but with the introduction of the frisbee, there’s another level added.

Wind. The kids get to see how the frisbee shifts and moves with the wind. Their enthusiasm for seeing a frisbee all of sudden lift higher into the air is a wonderful thing. “Dad, did you see that?! Wasn’t that cool?” Yes, very cool. Now, it’s not always cool when I have to walk around to our neighbors – rinse, repeat. But, this is their go-to activity right now and with the weather getting warmer, it’s the perfect excuse to go outside.

Not only does seeing a variable like wind come into play, the kids also notice that the more they practice, the better they get. They focus more on the task at hand to try and throw the frisbee back to me, or each other, while also understanding hand-eye coordination to bring in a catch. Yes, their excitement to toss it sometimes leads to a throw 57 yards away from me, but you get the idea.

Share Your Frisbee Stories

What are your kids’ favorite activities going into spring? Share your comments below or share with your friends over on Facebook or Twitter. Don’t forget to also check out our massive list of activities to dive into for the warmer seasons.

The Nightly Routine

As you work out your own routine with your kids, remember to give them some slack if they don’t follow through with the plan each night. Sometimes, your kid might decide to get dressed with their clothes inside out. They do it because they think it’s funny or they just want to, and you know what, it’s okay. When our kids bring something to their nightly routine, Meghan and I think it’s good for them to showcase their personality.

Cloth Diapers for the Win

We chose to do cloth diapers with our kids and we'd do it all again in a heartbeat.

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