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21 Cool Snow Day Activities for the Family

21 Cool Snow Day Activities for the Family

We're Talking About Snow Days

With the possibility of snow in the forecast (for the Baltimore region at least), Winey Parent has decided to gather some of our favorite snow day activities to share with you. Nothing is more fun (😉) than being stuck inside with restless children. Am I right?! TV and movies all day is just not an option, so here are some fun things to do with your children.

21 Snowy or Toasty Activities

  1. Go play in the snow!
  2. Build a snowman
  3. Make a snow angel
  4. Build a snow fort if you have enough snow (just be careful that it doesn’t collapse—consider only making the walls and no roof)
  5. Go sledding
  6. Have a snowball fight
  7. Teach your kids how to shovel the sidewalk
  8. Make them shovel your neighbors’ walks too!
  9. “Paint” the snow with water and food coloring in spray or squirt bottles
  10. Make snow cream and eat it
  11. Make hot chocolate—count how many marshmallows your kids can fit in their mug
  12. Count how many marshmallows your kids can fit in their mouth
    1. Then ask them to say something!
  13. Play board games
  14. Play card games
  15. Pop popcorn and watch ONE movie together as a family
  16. Make paper snowflakes
  17. Bake cookies
  18. Play dress up
  19. Go for a walk and “hunt” for animal tracks in the snow
    1. Try to guess what type of animal made the tracks
  20. Teach your kids the importance of not eating yellow snow!
  21. Plan your summer vacation bucket list

What Did We Miss?

What do YOU like to do on a snow day? Share your favorite snowy day activities with us in the comments below. Don’t forget to also follow us on Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for more Winey Parent goodness!

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