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Snowflake Craft Just in Time for the Holidays

Snowflake Craft Just in Time for the Holidays

Snowflake Wow Factor

I am sure you all remember making those fun paper cut out snowflakes as a kid. Well, here is your chance to wow your kids with just how smart and amazing you are! They will be blown away by what they can achieve when they start cutting sections of paper. Afterwards, watch their eyes sparkle when they finish this holiday craft.

  • White Paper
  • Scissors
  • Various Colored Paper to Make Different Snowflakes (Optional)


  • Start with a square piece of white paper and fold in triangles
    • Don’t fold the paper too many times, so they can easily cut through the paper
  • Cut small sections into the paper
    • Remind your child not to cut the entire fold apart or the snowflake will fall apart
  • Help them unfold it and watch the amazement in their eyes!

Mix it up

Use various types of colorful paper for this snowflake craft, so they can stamp their personal touch on the project. So, let your kids pick their favorite colors, which will add some extra fun to their holiday decorations.

Easy and Fun

This is the easiest craft to make with your kids. With a pair of scissors and some paper, your kids will love being able to make and show off their snowflakes all over the house. For more craft ideas, go to our Activities and Crafts page.

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