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3 Gift Ideas Your Kids Will Love

3 Gift Ideas Your Kids Will Love

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Gifts for Kids Aren't Easy

Kids always want a different (aka new) toy to play with or book to read. Finding the perfect gift for our kids might be easier said than done. So, the solution comes in the form of gifts that keep on changing. We’ve put together a select list of items we know our kids will love, so we thought yours would too. Whether your kids want to try new activities, books, or they’re constantly wanting to try new foods, these 3 gift ideas will be perfect! 

Creativity Mixed with Science

Have a creative, curious, or crafty child? Green Kid Crafts is for you. Each month they will deliver your child(ren) a STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math) box to your door. Each box is themed and includes a 12-page STEAM magazine, between 4-8 STEAM projects, Eco-friendly materials, and step-by-step instructions to complete the STEAM projects. Subscriptions start as low as $17.95 a month.

If your kids are also interested in some downtime from activities, Green Kid Crafts also offers a selection of books that will let your children understand that anything is possible.

Coral Reefs Science Comics
Membership Benefits | Love With Food by

Show me a kid that doesn’t love snacks, and I’ll, well I don’t know, because I have never heard of a kid that doesn’t love snacks. On the other hand, show me a parent that loves their kids eating junk food all the time.

Snack Options That Matter

Eating a healthier snack has now gotten easier. The solution to worrying about what your kids eat goes to Love with Food by SnackNation. Love with Food delivers HEALTHY snacks to your door! We’re talking no artificial flavoring or coloring, and no trans fats, hydrogenated oils, or high fructose corn syrup. Their snacks are organic, all-natural products! Subscriptions start as low as $7.99 a month and with each box sent to you, at least one meal is donated to a family in need! How amazing is that? Food being donated, right here in the USA, to benefit families faced with hunger daily. That is something you can feel good about!

Kids Book Club | Childrens Book Subscription

Build Your Child's Library

Bookroo is a monthly subscription box for kids that delivers books directly to your doorstep. Kids love mail, and kids love books, so this is a no-brainer! Each box contains either 3 board books, 2 picture books, or 2 chapter books; depending on the age of your little reader. Bookroo aims to send “hidden gem” books, rather than classics. Chances are, you won’t have that book in your library. But if you do get a repeat book, all you have to do is take a picture of you giving the book to a friend and send it to Bookroo and you will get a $5 credit towards your next book box. That’s a pretty sweet deal!

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Bookroo Gift Subscription: Month to Month Board Book Box - $24.95

3 individually wrapped board books per box

Kids Book Club | Childrens Book Subscription

If you’re looking for other gift ideas, keep track of our Shop page to discover additional updates as we find new items or special offers. If you’re also shopping for your friends, check out 5 Holiday Gifts Your Friends Won’t Re-Gift!

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