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A Week in the Life of a Winey Parent

A Week in the Life of a Winey Parent

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The Life of a Parent

What does it mean to parent during a pandemic? I have no freaking clue. I’m terrified most days. Most days, I’m wondering, “Why the hell am I still getting up at 6:30 in the morning?” Well, the answer to most of my questions: KIDS.

Everything I’m feeling and everything that I do is a direct response to being a parent. I’m afraid that any misstep will have grave consequences for the two people Meghan and I cherish most in this world. So, what are you supposed to do when you’re trying to parent during a pandemic? Just. Make. It.

You do whatever you have to, so you can make it through each and every day. You love your kids and show them all the support you can muster. Some of those days, they’ll shine back with support when you need it most. It’s amazing what makes a family work. What else do we do? We’re trying to keep our kids engaged with school, and thank goodness for their teachers who are doing everything they can to keep them actively learning. THANK YOU!! So, beyond that, we’re trying to understand that we’re going to be staying at home for a while. In understanding that, we have to adapt. I sometimes wonder – correction – I always wonder if I’m good enough for my kids. Am I being the best dad for them that I can possibly be? Well, now more than ever, I know that I have to be that for them.

Trying Our Best

It is my responsibility to make sure that they understand how important they are to me – to us. Adelaide and Marshall need to know that they’re the ingredient that makes our magic potion work. They’re the Sun to our Earth. They’re the shoe laces to our shoes. Okay, so I wear loafers sometimes, so maybe that’s not the best example, but you get the idea, right? If you’re a parent out there, I understand you may be afraid right now. I totally get that in these uncertain times.

Remember, if anything else, your children adore you. They love you unconditionally. It’s okay to feel uncertain. It’s okay to be afraid. As long as your kids know that they are loved and you are doing your absolute best, then that’s all that matters. Trying our best – and knowing that’s what we tell our kids all the time – trying our best is all that us parents can do.

Check Out What a Week in the Life of a Parent Looks for Us

If you need a break from the world and want to look into the lives of other parents. Go ahead, check out what this past week has looked like for Meghan, our kids, and me. Hopefully, you’ll understand what pictures might make us laugh. Maybe, you’ll also know what pictures make our hearts smile.

We’re in this together, parents and friends.

Releasing Butterflies

Meghan brought home caterpillars before her last day of teaching, so the kids were able to watch them transform. Then, they helped release them and absolutely loved it.

Kids Love Tattoos

Our kids asked to sport some new Frozen tattoos. They also wanted the tattoos on the back of their neck, so daddy stepped in to give them a hand. They were thrilled!

Game Time!

Family games are so much fun! So, we played a few games, including Outfoxed! (by Gamewright Games). Super easy to learn and fun.

Also note the cup of coffee. One standard that we will always need!

Stuffed Animals

Both kids have made “masterpieces” as they call them. This means crafting their “stuffies” in an organized pile.

And More Stuffed Animals

Two-Part Dramatic Play

More stuffed animals. This time the kids performed a two-part dramatic play where some were zapping others. Oh, and apparently, these zaps turned them into carrots and then they became carrot cake and were eaten.

Taking Time to Smile

Not that this needs an explanation, but sometimes, happy hour can mean any hour.

I’m just kidding. This is not a picture of Meghan at 1:30 in the afternoon. And that is definitely not wine in her wine tumbler



It’s not wine.





It’s vodka.

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My John Krasinski Impression

Meghan and I had some fun putting together our very own take on Some Good News. As always, we hope we provide some levity in the parenting world. Now, more than ever.

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