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Winey Parent Children’s Play 1: Ouch Ouch, Bang Bang

Winey Parent Children’s Play 1: Ouch Ouch, Bang Bang

Dramatic Performances

We were recently given an idea to generate some plays for our kids to perform. We decided to participate in this family adventure to show our kids how much fun they can have. So, Meghan created a short children’s play to introduce our kids to the fun that comes with imagination.

Our first children’s play includes three roles: narrator, person 1, and person 2. You and your family will choose what roles they want to play and then have fun!

Children's Play for Fun: Ready, Set, Action!


Once upon a time, there were two children. They were typically very well behaved, smart, polite, and considerate children. But one day, the world changed as they knew it! There was a terrible invasion of bugs that kept everyone inside their homes. The children we good at first, but then as time wore on, they started to tire of one another and became bored.

Child 1 (played by mom):

*whiny voice* – I’m booooooooored!

Child 2 (played by dad):

*whiny screechy voice* – Me tooooooo. (throws block at sister)


*screaming and whining* – Daaaaaad! Marshall threw a block at me!


*whining and screaming* – No I didn’t! I threw a block at the wall and it hit her! I promise, for real life, I didn’t throw it at her


*sobbing* – Yes you did! And it reeeeeeeeaaaaaaalllllly hurt.




By this point, the children’s parents have gotten involved and have lost all patience, because this is the 5th such episode, and it is only 9:00 in the morning. Child 2 gets the ice pack for child 1. Then, both children get the tissues for everyone. Mom pours the wine.


Stay Tuned for More Drama

We will be back with more dramatic performances. In the meantime, feel free to share what types of stories your own kids have performed. Even though our kids have wonderful imaginations, we love to enhance them by giving them this outlet. Hopefully, this activity will bring our family closer together.

Until next time, we hope you enjoy some dramatic theatre that doesn’t overwhelm your senses.

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