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Daylight Saving Time is Wrecking Our Kids

Daylight Saving Time is Wrecking Our Kids

What the Daylight Saving Time

We’re getting ready to lose an hour of sleep as clocks spring forward for daylight saving time (DST). Woo. Wait, let me try that again.


Yeah, that’s about all of the “excitement” I can muster for such a wonderful time of year. I am guessing many parents out there, whether your child is an infant, toddler, or a little bit older, will be able to appreciate our sentiment: Daylight savings – NOT A FAN. I’m not here to provide sane, logical reasoning on whether or not to keep DST. Nope. I’m only here to do one thing – complain.

Our Kids and Their Sleep Schedule

Our kids are great sleepers. Once they fall asleep, boom, we’ll see you in about twelve hours, kids. That’s right. Adelaide and Marshall are able to sleep until the cows come home. It’s something we’re really impressed with, and they need, because they burn through so much energy most days. I would say there are streaks where it is difficult for them to get to sleep. It generally happens twice a year and their bodies just aren’t used to the change. They will get into the habit of continuing to get out of bed, opening the door, and trying to talk about something irrelevant to bedtime. Other times, they don’t hide anything and say, “I can’t go to sleep.”

Daylight saving time isn’t something I think about at all. Well, until about a week before it happens and my first and only thought is, “Crap.” I know what’s about to happen in our household. Our kids will run into daylight saving time like a brick wall. Correction: Our kids’ sleep habits will run into daylight saving time like a brick wall. It’s not an amusing thing. It’s not a “Oh, we’ll look back on this and laugh” thing either. Nope. It stinks. Our kids need sleep. Yes, everyone needs sleep. Yes, I should get more sleep than I do, but our kids really need it. It keeps them happy and ready for the day. Meghan and I actually notice those days post-daylight saving time and it’s awful.

Please Do Not Wreck My Kids, DST

To put it another way, it’s like daylight saving time hits, someone cranks up the radio, and it’s Miley Cyrus* blasting for hours past bedtime. Oh, I reference Miley Cyrus because daylight saving time comes in “like a wrecking ball,” and all it ever does is “wreck me.”

Daylight saving time: This is our story.

*We are not endorsed by Miley Cyrus and have no ill-will toward her whatsoever. We only reference the song as a humorous reference to the awful sleep habits that we face twice a year. Honestly, try to see if you can think about daylight saving time and not immediately think about the song, “Wrecking Ball.” Imagine those lyrics now: “[Daylight saving time] came in like a wrecking ball!” If that provides the slightest glimmer of a smile or laugh, maybe that will make your experience with DST a little bit easier. You’re welcome.

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