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Increase Your Family’s Happiness with 7 Simple Activities

Increase Your Family’s Happiness with 7 Simple Activities

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Family Happiness

Who doesn’t want to be happy? I know I want to be happy and I want my family to seek happiness too! The summer is a perfect opportunity to reflect on family activities to help ensure we’re in a positive space.

We’ve listed some simple activities you can do with your family to help boost the mood.

1. Snuggle Time

No one can deny that a good snuggle doesn’t make you feel better. So, snuggle up on the sofa with a good book or a family movie. The simple act of touching and hugging your kids can boost your mood. I know when I come home from a hard day and get attacked by a hug monster, uh, I mean kid, I instantly feel happier.

2. Play!

Play a board game or card game with your kids. Not only are they fun and mood boosters, but a lot of the times they are learning too! Our family favorites include:

Go Nuts for Donuts!
Kids Create Absurdity
Clue Junior
• Feed the Kitty
Silly Street
Robot Face Race

3. Plan a Trip or Outing Together

Nothing is more exciting than the promise of a vacation. Including the kids in the process gives them some say and power in the outcome of the trip. And if having your voice heard and power doesn’t make you happy…

So, break out a map or guidebook and dig in! Let them pick out some of the activities and foods during your trip. If you are brave, let the kids pick the destination (within reason of course). They will learn how to stay within a budget, time management, and compromise.

4. Routine, Routine, Routine

For those that didn’t get that — ROUTINE! Kids thrive on having a routine. They feel more secure in knowing what’s next and what to expect. Of course, sometimes routines change, but that also teaches them a little flexibility.

Routines help kids develop healthy habits, like exercise and sleep patterns. So, if you don’t have a routine, get started. One easy way to ease into it is to create a To Do List. My kids have a set list that they must complete daily in order to earn technology time. I thought they would balk at it at first, but they were even more motivated and happy.

5. Get Outside!

Get outside and soak up some Vitamin D. Not only will it improve your health, it will improve your mood. So, pack a picnic, or head to the playground. Go for a family hike, bike ride, swim, or fly a kite together. Even if you are just throwing the ball or frisbee around, you will be boosting your happiness level!

6. Exercise as a Family

Ok, so this goes hand and hand with number 5, but seriously, exercise releases endorphins that improve your mood. And not all exercise has to be outside. So, if it is a rainy day, or too hot or cold, you can still exercise as a family. Check back soon for a whole post dedicated to family exercise!

7. Have Dinner Together

As cliché as it sounds, having family dinner can bring you all closer together, and being closer together can improve your mood. Especially when you use that time to revisit your favorite part of the day. We have a family tradition of asking each family member what their favorite part of the day was. It usually includes a looooooong list of events from the day, but sometimes it is just “family dinner.” After sharing your favorite part of the day, you then get to pick who gets to share next.

What Keeps Your Family Happy?

What family activities have you discovered are happiness makers? Share your ideas. We can all use a little more happiness!

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