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Winey Parent Product Pick: Portable High Chair

Winey Parent Product Pick: Portable High Chair
Portable High Chair for the Win

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The High Chair of Your Dreams

Going out to eat with a baby or toddler isn’t always the easiest task to complete. Sometimes, those adventures end in screaming, crying, and cranky pants all around – and that’s just the parents. Seriously, who doesn’t get cranky when they go to a restaurant and the high chairs are unacceptable to use. Most of the times, in our experience, high chairs were either quite unclean or the straps to hold your child in were broken. Meghan and I were always confused by the offer, and declined the service, of a broken high chair.

So, what’s a parent to do when their options become limited in those circumstances? Well, Meghan and I went online and bought a portable high chair. Let me be clear, this thing was AWESOME! We used this portable high chair for both kids, spanning about three years of time. Why is it so great? It was easy to fold and unfold. It hooked onto a table securely. Plus, it had easily adjustable straps that clipped in place. All of these things gave us a peace of mind to not worry about any of our eating adventures.

"You Have Chosen Wisely"

The portable high chair wasn’t something we used only once or twice. We used it at home, because it gave our youngling a little more flexibility than a regular high chair. Yes, your child will need to be able to sit upright on her own to use this portable high chair. Once that’s the case, our kids were in this thing quite often. Our other standard high chair strapped onto a chair. The most frustrating thing with it was the cloth seating was so difficult to remove and put back together. We would’ve rather pulled our hair out – wait, is that why I’m balding so badly?

Anyway, the portable high chair is something we highly recommend for anyone looking for a simple and easy answer to eating out. It’s not bulky or heavy and can be stashed in your car without taking up much space at all. Trust me on this one. If I have learned anything as a parent, not worrying about where our kids were going to sit was a big relief. Then, I only had to worry about cutting up whatever food we ordered for our kids. Well, that and taking 30 minutes to decide on what I wanted to eat. Because if I’m good at anything, it’s debating on what single item I should get from one, two, or ten pages of a restaurant menu. Yeah, I’m that guy.

So, use my inability to make a decision from a restaurant menu as proof that my 100% buy on a portable high chair as a major plus. Hey, I have to take my victories when I can.

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