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Find More Reading Time for Yourself

Find More Reading Time for Yourself
Find More Reading Time

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The Geekiness Spills Out

Who has time to read when all you want to do is veg out in front of the TV or go to sleep? Well, once upon a short time ago, that was me whenever I wasn’t playing with the kids, doing chores, or writing. Now as a work-from-home dad, I have implemented something that brings me pure joy.

Reading comics!

Yes, the geeky parent in me is quite vibrant with this time I’ve built in. How did I do it? Well, one of the perks of being a stay-at-home dad is the ability to take my daughter to and from school. In the afternoons, I’ve built myself an early cushion. This lets me get in the “car rider” line at her school. And, by getting there early, I have found 30 minutes each day dedicated to one glorious thing – comic books!

Reading gets my creative juices flowing. It gets me more excited to read stories to my kids. Plus, I feel like I’m able to hold a better discussion with my friends that love the comic world. First, let’s get back to that whole finding time thing. Now, I used to always read at the end of the night and spend an hour or two reading before going to bed. Well, that’s kind of changed since having kids. For the most part, if I start to read at bedtime, I’m passing out within the first five minutes of reading anything.

Finding Time to Read a Book

So, what can you do, if you are also keen to falling asleep with a book in bed? Well, I used to read or write during my lunch times when I had my 9 – 5 job. I would read digital comics from my computer or bring graphic novels from home that I’d recently purchased from my local comic shop. This is my solution for you! Read at your desk at lunch or find a nice spot outside to soak in some sunlight. If your work place is close to a coffee shop, grab an iced coffee and enjoy whatever book you’ve been wanting to read. If you don’t want to read and eat at the same time, find a dedicated time during the day or week.

Now, if you have kids, work one or two jobs, or share household chores with your partner or roommate, this isn’t always an easy task. But, there are ways to work around it. If you have kids, create a “Family Reading Time.” Instead of a movie or playing outside, you can designate a small window of time for the whole family to enjoy a good book. If you have one or two jobs that keep you endlessly busy, try an audio book for size. Being entertained by a good book doesn’t have to stop while you’re driving. An audio book lets you discover a story you’ve been wanting to read for years, without the whole late night falling asleep hassle. For household chores, either share each duty to give you both more time to read or swap days where one person can read while the other does the chores.

Energetic Surge from Reading

Okay, so maybe it doesn’t sound fun to swap chore days to read, but maybe you’ll find some humor knowing you’re reading while your partner is cleaning the toilet. I’m sure Meghan gets a kick out of it, so why shouldn’t you, right? (I’m crying right now.)

Anyway, I have found that the more I find time to read, the more I want to write my own stories. Going on these adventures in the comic book world seems to jump start my brain and I’m looking forward to each day more and more. I love being able to pick up my daughter. I don’t feel like it hampers my day at all, because she loves me picking her up. Being able to read during that time, I think, helps me keep that frame of mind. Maybe it’s simply that I love knowing she loves being a car rider. Perhaps, I just also like knowing I have that time to myself to catch up on comic books. I’m not saying comic books are for everyone, but I believe there are stories that everyone would probably love.

Okay, as an unapologetic comic book lover and fan of finding time in my day to read, go for it! It’s absolutely possible for you to cram in 15 – 30 minutes of time to dedicate to a story you want to read. You’ll be happier getting sucked into a great story. You’ll struggle through a story just to say you read it all the way through, so you can say, “I hated it!” It’s the little things, folks.

Winey Parent Recommendations

Setting aside time for everyone in the family to read, as mentioned before, is one of my favorite things. Either Meghan and I read stories to the kids or we all read our own thing. The kids love their Highlights magazines, while the grownups get time for anything that’s not G-Rated.

These family reading sessions have also really provided us with a quieter house. The kids are more focused on the stories or activities in their books or magazines, and sometimes the loudest sounds come from the fake fireplace on TV. We usually will do this for about 30 minutes to an hour on the weekends, while weekdays are brief since we’re trying to get so many things done before bedtime.

Well, if you’re interested in finding out what Meghan or I love to read, head over to the Winey Parent community on Facebook and ask. While you’re there, or in the comments below, tell us what you’re reading right now.

If you need some reading options, especially in the comic book industry, head over to Fanbase Press where you can find plenty of comic reviews and awesome published works.

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