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We Need Revive in Our Lives

We Need Revive in Our Lives

Looking to Revive My Mind

Have you ever seen a product or company and think, “I need that in my life?” That’s what Meghan and I both felt when we heard about our sister-in-law’s new business. I know what you’re thinking, family supports family and that’s all there is to it. From a parent’s perspective, I think you’ll absolutely agree with us about wanting Revive in our lives.

Revive is all about health and wellness, and their experience as Board Certified Nurse Practitioners furthers their credence to “help you look, feel and perform your best each and every day.” Revive is something I think most parents would love to have in their lives. There’s something there for everyone. They provide chemical peels, wrinkle reducers, vitamin injections, and hydration. As soon as I talked about the vitamin aspect, where it helps provide clarity, I was sold. I would be lying if the past few months haven’t felt foggy, as if just going through the motions. Being so busy as a parent sometimes means exhaustion takes over everything. Mental fatigue is something I admit seems to be a regular routine with me recently, so being able to take vitamin injections to help with that “fog” is great for me.

The Revive Experience

Now, Meghan attended a Revive party and decided to host her very own. Part of the appeal for Revive is that you don’t have to go anywhere. You can set up a service and they come to your home. Sold, right?! Well, Meghan is having a chemical peel done this weekend and a few friends will join to see the experience and learn first-hand about the services provided by Revive. Meghan and I definitely believe in Revive. Yes, we know one of the two individuals and we want to support them wholly. Also, we think these are services that will benefit us long-term. As a parent who is constantly struggling with finding balance in life – raising kids, running a parenting blog, finding time for date nights, other writing assignments, etc. – finding something that will give me a boost is a big deal.

Meghan will be trying these services this weekend – and I hope to join too. I’ll be taking the kids Christmas shopping for mommy, so I hope to be back in time for vitamin injections. Regardless, I will experience them in the near future. Meghan will share her experiences right here on the Winey Parent, so make sure to stay tuned for that. If you’re interested in learning more about Revive right now – then head over to their site!

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