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Major Meal Planning: Freezer Meals Galore

Major Meal Planning: Freezer Meals Galore

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29 Freezer Meals in One Day: Are You Kidding Me?

I posted on my personal Facebook page about having made 29 freezer meals in one day and holy moly, the response! I wasn’t going to write this post, mostly because I would have to find all of the original recipes online to link for the article, but I love you guys so much and you asked so nicely!

So, before we get to the recipes, a few tips to make things go smoother.

5 Helpful Tips Before Prepping Those Freezer Meals

  1. Figure out what you want to cook and take a quick inventory of your freezer and pantry so you know what you need to buy. I’ll get to those recipes, I promise!
  2. Make sure you have all your supplies (I failed slightly on this because I ran out of chicken and tomato paste). I ordered these pans for any casserole meals. I don’t like to eat everything from a crockpot!
    1. I also ordered 10 cans of Marshall’s “fravorite” green enchilada sauce because Aldi stopped selling it a few years ago, so now I get it on Amazon.
    2. I also ordered more gallon-sized zip top bags, because I used a lot of them.
    3. I’m kicking myself for not adding bag holders to help with the many bagged meals I made. We did have one minor casualty when the chili bag tipped over.
  3. Clear your space. We have about 3.5 feet of continuous counter space that we use, because it is the biggest space. I also used the (cold) glass top stove to dump my ingredients. It was important to maximize this space since it is small. A lot of people post their massive kitchens when they are doing major meal prep and it can get discouraging when your kitchen is tiny in comparison. Trust me, you do have the space to meal prep if you organize it!
  4. Start with the easiest meals first – the ones that don’t require too many ingredients or too much chopping. Save the meals you have to pre-cook for last.
  5. Final tip, write out a list of all of the meals you made and cross them off as you use them. That way you know what you have left in the freezer without having to go digging!

So, Onto Those Freezer Meals

The first 5 recipes I found here and I did these first because they were the easiest (Chicken Fajita was the last to assemble of this group because of the chopping.)

  1. Chicken Salsa (chicken and salsa)
  2. Italian Chicken (chicken and Italian dressing)
  3. BBQ Chicken (chicken and BBQ sauce)
  4. Honey Mustard Chicken (chicken and honey mustard) This recipe did call for red pepper flakes, but it was too spicy for my kids.
  5. Chicken Fajitas (2 bell peppers, chicken, ½ tsp each of paprika, oregano, cumin, pepper, salt, chili powder, onion powder, garlic powder.
  6. Chicken Tacos came next because they are easy! 
  7. Vegan Lentil and Bean Chili – I had a bag of lentils I didn’t know what to do with, so here you go!
  8. Artichoke Chicken Thighs were next because it was a simple pan meal. We had this one for dinner the night I made it and it is DELICIOUS! 
  9. Herb Roasted Chicken and Veggies – again, another easy pan meal, though there is more chopping involved. 
  10. Scalloped Ham and Potatoes – I had leftover ham I needed to use up! 
  11. Chicken, Broccoli, and Quinoa Casserole – I baked the chicken while I was cooking dinner that night-win/win! 
  12. Healthier Taco Casserole – I did need to use way more than 4 tortillas, but my pans were bigger and the tortillas were small. 
  13. Shepherd’s Pie (I used ground turkey to make it slightly healthier, and it’s what I had on hand!) 
  14. Marshall’s “Fravorite” Black Bean Enchiladas – I adapted this recipe to use flour tortillas because that’s what my kids like and obviously didn’t add the avocado for the freezer! 
  15. Weight Watchers Friendly Sloppy Joes 
  16. Honey Lime Chicken

And I'm Exhausted

Whew! That was a lot of meal prep in one day, but it really wasn’t that bad. Travis helped with washing and bag filling. We made it all the way down this list until the black bean enchiladas in one day. I would have kept going, but I ran out of chicken breasts! That’s what happens when I double or triple some of the recipes. The freezer is stocked with delicious and/or healthy meals. Some meals are more of a splurge calorie-wise, but I want the kids to like what I made.

Let me know if you make any of these meals and how they turn out. Do you have any of your own favorite meals to freeze? Share them with me…. I will need them in a little over a month!

What Does 33 Freezer Meals Look Like?

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