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TV is for the Birds: The Baltimore Ravens Forever More

TV is for the Birds: The Baltimore Ravens Forever More

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Ravens and Scooby Doo

We have a pretty standard rule when it comes to TV time for our kids. During the school year, no TV during the week. We absolutely slacked on that rule over the summer, so obviously they watched TV during the week. When school is in session, Meghan and I want them to focus on everything else that’s enjoyable about being a kid.

Now, what kid doesn’t love some good TV time? Our kids have been recently introduced to Scooby Doo and they are HOOKED. They love the show, which we ordered on Amazon Prime (*wink*), and they have already watched all 16 episodes over the course of the past few weeks. When it’s time for the weekends, we let them watch a handful of episodes of a show or a movie. When it’s football season, and momma needs to watch her Baltimore Ravens play, then they get a little extra time in front of the tube.

During this time, it’s a “do not interrupt” mommy during the Ravens game. If they need something, or want to play a game, they come to daddy. This dedicated time for momma definitely lets her focus on the Ravens. One of the best things about this dedicated time, despite it being a longer stretch than we like to have them sitting in front of the TV, is that I get to be the go-to. I’m not a fool. I know Meghan is our kids’ go-to for just about everything, because she’s an amazing mom. And you know what helps her to be amazing, getting a break to watch the Ravens. So, when the weekend comes around, we focus on a few things to try and keep our lives balanced and less insane.

Game or Sleep Time

We have family time, like me chasing the kids around the backyard playing tag, dodgeball, soccer, and throwing the frisbee around. Let’s just say that I needed an icepack on Sunday to recover. As Meghan would say, “You’re old, old man.” Or something to the effect of calling me “grandpa.” What can I say – she’s not wrong. Wait, don’t read that last part. You didn’t hear me utter those words. Okay, fine, I’m getting old(er). It’s like when you sit down on a leather couch and it sounds like every fabric is ripping apart. Yeah, those are the sounds I make every time I sit down or get up. I’ve turned into this involuntary noise maker and I’ve already forgotten when I signed up for such a “phenomenal” free gift.

Anyway, my wife loves the Ravens. She gets angry at Thursday, Sunday, or Monday night games, because she’s a teacher. If you didn’t know, being a teacher takes an incredible amount of patience and hard work, which involves getting up early in the morning to prep. So, those later games mean she has to break into her much needed sleep schedule. Don’t get me wrong, if the Ravens offered her to watch from the sidelines during a night game, she would gladly accept the tired misery that would follow the next day.

A Ravens Win for Parents

This past weekend saw the Ravens win again, and the kids did a wonderful job at keeping themselves occupied. (Good job, Scooby Doo.) Hey, we’re not always proud of our decision to let the kids watch TV, so we can watch something we want to watch, but it happens. Every Sunday is dedicated to the Ravens, so the kids have their own time dedicated to whatever show they want to watch. Now, we wouldn’t be as keen to let our kids watch as much TV if we felt their learning or school work has taken a hit. Yes, we’ve had some Godzilla-like moments where the kids were upset about the TV being shut off, but those moments proved why it should be turned off.

It’s safe to say that life with TV is a balancing act. Like most adventures in parenting, that’s shocking, right? Maybe when the kids are older, they’ll want to watch the Ravens play too. For now, having some peace and quiet during the game (except for Meghan’s cheers), is perfectly okay for this family.

So, to review: it’s okay for momma to watch her Ravens and it’s okay for the kids to have TV during that time. Oh, and apparently, the Ravens rule! So, to all of the players and coaches of the Baltimore Ravens, my wife sends her love and wishes you good luck on your season.

Go Ravens!

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