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Halloween Candy Favorites: The Little Things That Count

Halloween Candy Favorites: The Little Things That Count

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Halloween Candy Can Bring Joy Year Round

What is your kid’s favorite candy? For ours, it sometimes seems like it’s a rotation of similar responses – all of it. But, if we break it down, we have a pretty good idea of what candy our kids want to see in their bucket for Halloween. Why does it matter what their favorite candy is? Well, it’s also a great way to fill stockings over Christmas. So, if our kids do not get their favorites over Halloween, we can make up for it a couple months later. Yes, it’s probably absurd to worry about something as simple as “my kid is disappointed they didn’t get ‘X’ candy,” but that’s how my brain works.

Okay, let’s take a look at what our kids’ favorite candy is and I hope they get plenty of it during their Halloween adventure. Well, except Good & Plenty, that’s just gross. And for the record, yes, Meghan is glaring at me now for the Good & Plenty comment.

Adelaide's Top Candy

Marshall's Top Candy

The Little Things

Overall, I think our kids love most candy that’s ever been created. Though, I do think it’s important to keep tabs on little things like this. Our kids get really excited when we surprise them with something that we know they love. So, if we surprise our kids by picking up their favorite candy, or they find it in their stockings, then we know how big their smiles will be when it happens.

Do your kids have a favorite candy that they look forward to during their Halloween trick-or-treating? Have there been any times when they seemed disappointed after going through their stockpile? Well, if it does happen, consider getting a secret stash to surprise them from time to time. It might be something very small, but their excitement will be monumental.

I hope everyone has a fun and safe Halloween!

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