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Hotel Rehoboth: An A+ Experience

Hotel Rehoboth: An A+ Experience

Rehoboth Beach Trip

Meghan and I ventured to Rehoboth Beach for a few days away, while the kids enjoyed some quality grandparent time. As I researched locations six months ago, to surprise Meghan with an early birthday present, Hotel Rehoboth fell into my radar. Obviously, I researched online reviews, other amenities, and proximity to the beach and other eateries. But, when I saw, “wine and cheese reception nightly,” I immediately clicked on their availabilities during Meghan’s winter break.

As a teacher, Meghan always needs and deserves quality downtime to decompress from the normal stresses of her daily work life. Plus, this past fall she completed an online course to assist in her regular need to maintain certification. Oh, did I mention that Meghan has a stress fracture in her foot? This is the third since being pregnant with Marshall due to one leg being slightly longer than the other. Clearly, Meghan needed some rest and relaxation – and Hotel Rehoboth NAILED IT!!!

From the very first phone call to Hotel Rehoboth, the staff’s customer service has been phenomenal. Their assistance in booking a couple nights, taking note of my mention of Meghan’s birthday, and being extremely kind during every single interaction is a fantastic way to start any relationship with potential or future customers. This was our first stay at Hotel Rehoboth, and it went well from our arrival to our final (sad to leave) departure. Despite arriving early, the reception staff immediately provided a parking pass for their parking lot. This is a huge perk, because it allowed us to do a little adventuring before checking in. Additionally, they called a short while later to inform us that the room was ready for an early check-in.

Clean, Clean, Clean

Cleanliness is something you, or at least I, always wonder about when staying somewhere. You make the best decisions, based off reviews, recommendations, or even pictures. Well, Hotel Rehoboth is possibly the cleanest hotel I’ve ever stayed at. The staff was always on the move, from cleaning the lobby to even drying the parking lot from a heavy rain with an industrial fan. This attention to detail made us feel truly appreciative of everything they were doing to make our stay the best. With Meghan’s walking boot for her stress fracture, wet grounds can make the boot slippery. So, the fact that they’re trying to provide guests with a dry parking lot, so guests could avoid puddles is above and beyond. So, our initial walk into the lobby, seeing a clean and welcoming space, continued as we headed up to our room.

The room we stayed in included a king bed, along with a sofa, chair, and table we used for playing board games. It was also impeccably clean, had plenty of lighting for a bright space, and there was an additional pillow and blanket in the closest, although we did not need it. Our room at Hotel Rehoboth allowed us to do something we desperately needed – unwind. We could sit in bed or at the couch, and watch TV, talk about future trips, or play games. We weren’t stressed about our environment. Meghan and I could sit back, relax, and breathe easy.

Food, Drink, and the Overall Experience at Hotel Rehoboth

I truly believe our experience was enhanced by Hotel Rehoboth’s attention to detail, excellent customer service, and a serene atmosphere that let us enjoy our time away. Full disclosure: Meghan did think the mattress was a tad soft, but it wasn’t anything that would make us question a return visit. Not even for a second. Seriously, we’re ready to book a return trip!

If you needed additional reasons to stay at Hotel Rehoboth, then their food and drink service is on point. Breakfast is provided for guests at Lupo Italian Kitchen, which is in the hotel. Let’s just say that this was an excellent meal, and the best complimentary breakfast we’ve ever had. Eggs to order, omelets, bacon, sausage, pancakes or French toast, potatoes, muffins, scones, bagels, yogurt, granola, and fresh fruit. And that’s not everything. It was delicious! On top of that, Hotel Rehoboth provides coffee service all day, with the exception of when they replace it in the evening for wine, cheese, and crackers. Let me say that again – wine, cheese, and crackers. That’s amazing! Meghan and I had our breakfast and dinner covered, so we only needed to find a place for lunch each day. And, yes, cheese and crackers were enough each night. 😊

Hotel Rehoboth treated us like A+ guests, and so, equally, we had an A+ experience. When you start talking about how soon you can come back to a place, while you’re still there, then you know you’ve found a special place. Hotel Rehoboth is that for us. We loved our stay and we cannot wait to go back!

A Kind Gesture Goes a Long Way

The Hotel Rehoboth staff knew this trip was a surprise for Meghan. We arrived to the room to see they left a kind note for Meghan, along with some chocolates. Again, the experience was top notch.

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