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Kids Craft: How to Make a Thanksgiving Placemat

Kids Craft: How to Make a Thanksgiving Placemat

Crafting on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and there always seems to be plenty of time available for activities. Your kids might enjoy creating something they can reuse in the future. Here are all of the steps you’ll need to help your kids craft their very own Thanksgiving placemat.

Materials to Make Your Own Thanksgiving Placemat

Construction paper (various colors and white, 9×13)


Glue stick

Black crayon

Permanent marker (for mom or dad to write letters)

Creating a Thanksgiving Placemat

Here is an easy Thanksgiving craft you can do with your kids in no time at all. Before you get started, cut out a turkey body and some tail feathers. You also need a small orange beak for the turkey. Write one letter on each tail feather to spell your child’s name.

Have your child start by putting a small amount of glue at the BOTTOM of the turkey body. You only want to hold it in place, but you still need to be able to glue the feathers BEHIND the body. Put the turkey body near the bottom of the white construction paper, in the middle. Now, the educational part; have your child arrange the tail feathers so they spell their name correctly. You will have them put glue on the entire back of the feather and then place it under the body of the turkey. Continue until all the feathers are glued down. After they are secured, you will want to help your child glue the top part of the turkey body to the paper.

Next glue on the beak. Have your child draw eyes and legs. If you have access to a laminator, I suggest laminating your turkey placemat so that spills can be cleaned up easily. If you don’t have a laminator, I imagine clear contact paper would also work to protect the placemat.

Enjoy Your Child's Finished Project

That’s it guys! An easy, and adorable Thanksgiving craft you can complete with your child in about 5-10 minutes. You can also enjoy seeing your kids reuse the placemat over and over again for dinner. That is until the next holiday comes around. Then, they’ll want one to match the season.

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