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Summer Playground Series: Wonderful Wizard of Oz

Summer Playground Series: Wonderful Wizard of Oz

Wonderful Wizard of Oz

I think our kids were four and five when they first watched The Wizard of Oz. Despite a wicked old witch and flying monkeys, the kids really loved the movie without being afraid of anything. So, when there’s an opportunity to head to Prince George’s County in Maryland to visit The Wizard of Oz-themed park, our kids are beyond thrilled.

We're Off, We're Off, We're Off...

We met a few other friends and their kids for this adventure, and needless to say, if the heat wasn’t a factor, the kids would’ve been happy to spend the entire day following the yellow brick road.

This marks the second journey we’re cataloguing in our Summer Playground Series, where we’re trying to explore as many playgrounds in the state of Maryland. Kids have plenty of options to keep them occupied at the Wonderful Wizard of Oz Playground, including various slides, climbing obstacles, and various, colorful stations to wander through as if they’re venturing beyond Kansas. They also have a rainbow on the ground, which makes it look like a small race track. By the way, our kids were totally racing each other!

It Really is a Wonderful Wizard of Oz Playground

So, if you’re interested in taking a trip to Kettering, Maryland, then you’ll definitely want to take your kids to the Wonderful Wizard of Oz Playground! There is plenty of bench seating throughout the park, while also having a few pavilions for families who pack a lunch and want to get out of the sun. We also enjoyed a trail to a neighboring animal farm. For more information on this park, including address to log into your GPS, head to the Prince George’s County website.

Annie's Playground

Our first stop in the Summer Playground Series is to Annie's Playground in Fallston, Maryland.

Adventures in Bedtime

Ah, bedtime. It was a total bug out, but we're still learning as parents.

Cooking with Kids

We found a Pinterest recipe that our kids love, and it starts and ends with tacos.

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