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Kids Create Absurdity Game Review

Kids Create Absurdity Game Review

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Laughter is the Best Medicine

A child’s laughter. Is there anything else better in the world? Hearing the sounds of a kid laughing is so pure and encouraging. It’s even better when it’s your own child laughing like a hyena at a lion tripping over a fallen tree branch. Oh, it’s pure magic. The cackle knows no limits. The boundless energy taken to create such a wonderful thing fills my heart with absolute joy. So, when Meghan and I have a chance to recreate that blissful sound over and over again, we JUMP at the chance. Yep, we’re talking about a card game we recently opened up and I’m here to talk about it.

Let’s talk about Kids Create Absurdity! We purchased this game for the kids as Christmas gifts, but we seemingly forgot about it, because life gets busy. Well, with everything crazy happening in the world right now, it was the perfect opportunity to open it a few weeks ago. We’ve already played this game many times and the absurdity of it all is straight gold. Imagine Apples to Apples or Cards Against Humanity and you’ll understand the basic game mechanics. It’s not as cringe-worthy as Cards Against Humanity can be, while being more absurd than Apples to Apples. Either way, our kids love it and we love that they love it.

How to Play Kids Create Absurdity

Each person takes turns being the “Big Cheese.” Or as Meghan sometimes calls it, the “Big Fart.” The Big Cheese reads a question and each other player looks through the cards in their own hand. Then, each player chooses the one card they think is best. Does the card have to make sense? Will our kids pick a card because it’s nothing more than “potty talk” and they find it hilarious? The answer is 100% yes. Oh, in case you’re not familiar with potty talk, it ranges from pee to poo to poopy pants and anything else under this sun – or I guess that’s a moon.

For this game, you’re going to have to be flexible in what you feel is appropriate talk for your kids. Set limits if you don’t want to listen to this kind of bathroom talk all day. Let them know ahead of time that potty talk stops when the game ends. I think kids are fairly receptive to that, and usually it’s their high energy that make them slip from time to time. But, they’re kids, right? Hearing them laugh is the best thing in the world and we definitely cut them some slack with that talk. Usually once we get to the dinner table, we pump the brakes with that kind of talk.

Back to the game! Once every player picks their card and places them face down, the Big Cheese reads each answer aloud. Then they pick the card they like best. Once a player has five correct picks chosen, they’re the winner. So, it was pretty amazing when all four of us had four picks and we played one final round to see who the winner would be. Now, when that happened, it was Adelaide’s turn to be the Big Cheese, so I asked her if it was okay if I took that turn, so she could have a chance to win. She was totally okay with that and that made me feel pretty good, because I could tell she was slightly disappointed to not even have a chance at the end.

She’s seven, so I think it’s okay to have some give and take when it comes to gameplay. This is especially true when introducing a game for the first time. I think it gives them a better sense of how the game plays moving forward. This way they’ll know there’s a chance it might happen where the person being Big Cheese last won’t win.

Winey Parent Choice Award for Best Family Game

Kids Create Absurdity automatically wins our favorite family game for 2020. Yes, the year isn’t over, but going through such a tenuous time in our lives – this game is much needed!

Kids Create Absurdity is a product of Novelties Wholesale, Inc. – The Gag. We absolutely recommend this game for your family!

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