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NOOOOOO! Not the Tummy Bug!

NOOOOOO! Not the Tummy Bug!

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The Stomach Bug

It has to be one of the worst parts of parenting, hands down. Your kid has the dreaded stomach bug, and no matter which end it afflicts, north or south, it is not pleasant for anyone! Kids are cute, but not when they wake up covered in foul smelling, gag-inducing, WHAT-IS-THAT? And you know once one kids gets it, they’re ALL going to get it. You and your partner may also find yourself on the receiving end of this unpleasant surprise.

3rd, 4th, 5th Time's a Charm?

When the stomach bug hit our house for the FIFTH time last year, I grabbed some activated charcoal and started sanitizing everything in sight! My amazing sister-in-law turned me onto activated charcoal after Marshall threw up in the car while we were staying at her house one Christmas. And while it isn’t 100% effective in preventing the stomach bug, it did significantly reduce the effects on both of us. The fifth time it hit us, was American Education Week, so I couldn’t miss school that week. Travis bravely stayed home and did so – much – laundry! Poor little dude was sick for a WEEK with it…it was brutal. Big girl had it off and on for about a week, and then off for a week, and then back on and off for another week. Hey, the ENTIRE MONTH of November was a tummy bug month! Travis didn’t feel great either, but man, that activated charcoal saved me (or something was looking out for me, because I didn’t get it!).

Winey Parent Badge of "Honor"

So, while this post may not scream, “Wine Time,” it does resonate with any parent that has been stricken down with this horrendous milestone in your child’s life. And once it has all passed, and no one feels sick, or is emitting anything foul smelling, pour yourself a drink, because YOU EARNED IT!

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