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Adventures in Swimming

Adventures in Swimming

Swimming: A Ton of Bricks Story

Something magical happened this week. Marshall discovered how to swim. I say this is magical, because this kid has the buoyancy of a bag of rocks.

Previous years of swimming involved a puddle jumper and lots of hands on parents in the water. This year he had technically outgrown the puddle jumper – our kids are giants! So, we started the summer with the puddle jumper, but then quickly realized he could stand in the shallow end of our pool. We started practicing in the shallow end with no puddle jumper and he gained more and more confidence in the water. This past Tuesday, he asked me to swim with him to the “deep end.” We swam together to the 5-foot end, and by swam together, I mean I dragged him with me while I swam.

He also wanted to jump off the side to me. Cool. He jumped and didn’t sink directly to the bottom. I had him push off my legs and “swim” back to the side. It was only a foot or two, but he did it! I gradually started moving back farther and farther for each jump and he consistently made it to me! Marsh-man was swimming and the look of pride and excitement in his face was something that dreams are made of. Now this is not to say that he doesn’t still occasionally sink. Just yesterday both Travis and I had to make a quick rescue when he didn’t quite make it to the side before going down. But we are making steady and noticeable progress.

Tip Toes and the Diving Board

In addition to Marshall not sinking like a bag of rocks, big sister Adelaide has also made dramatic improvements in her swimming ability. She has attempted the deep-water test twice now. While she still hasn’t passed, she is gaining in confidence and is sooooo close! She has also learned how to tread water. I am hoping by the end of the summer she will get there. Girlfriend really wants to jump off the diving board.

Did I mention my kids are giants? Adelaide can already stand in the 5-foot end of the pool by standing on her tippy toes. This has allowed her to practice swimming or treading water and learn to bounce on her toes if she feels like she’s getting too tired. This is a huge learning experience for her and has helped build her confidence even more in the water. She really wants that diving board!

We'll Be Back After Next Week

We will keep you, dear readers, updated on our little fishes’ progress, but for now, we are going to be taking next week off from posting for a little family fun in Hershey Park and the aquarium in Baltimore. We will be back the following week to share updates and adventures from our little trip! Keep an eye out for some quick social media posts during our trip, so make sure to give our pages some love with a follow.

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