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The Perfect Daddy Daughter Date in Catonsville

The Perfect Daddy Daughter Date in Catonsville

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Dates with Your Kids

It’s not everyday when a father gets to take out his favorite girl on a date. And, no, I’m not talking about Meghan. We don’t get any dates. [enter appropriate laughing and crying GIFs here]. Meghan and I try to give our kids one-on-one time as often as possible. Unfortunately, it’s not nearly as often as we’d like. But, when we get the chance, we love every single second of it.

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to take Adelaide on a daddy daughter date. It was such an easily planned thing, and it included a final stop at her request. Spending time with our kids is something we want to always have, as a whole and one-on-one, so they know as much as possible how much we love spending time with them. It’s safe to say that I loved our first stop in Catonsville – the public library.

Adelaide and I went to the library and she immediately started searching for books to check out. After finding one of her new favorite series, Elephant & Piggie, she starts reading it to me. Here we are, sitting on two cushioned benches in the front row of the children’s beginner section, and she asks to read to me. What else would I say? I’m always so happy when my kids ask to read to me or have me read. It is literally one of my favorite things. Plus, Adelaide has increased her inflection when reading that it’s very entertaining and encouraging. Her own enthusiasm when reading is so infectious that I want more of it.

After reading one, and then another, I told her it was time to search for more books. I wanted to make sure she had some books left to read at home. So, we collected a dozen or so books, and then picked up some books I had on hold, and then headed to check out. She asked to check out the books herself and it’s such an easy thing to say “Yes” to. It gives her a sense of independence or responsibility and then we both carry books out. Yes, I did forget a bag this time, so it was easier to leave with her help for sure.

Peace-A-Pizza Love

After tackling some books, we needed to grab some lunch. We headed to Peace-A-Pizza on this particular day, which happens to be one of our kids’ favorite spots. This Catonsville staple is a perfect place to grab a slice of pizza or a delicious salad. We love this place. If our kids had to pick one place to go to, this is pretty much it. Not only does this place have pizza, breadsticks, and salad dressing that our kids devour, they also have a sweet spot. Babas has plenty of dessert options on the other side of Peace-A-Pizza, which is in the same building. There are cookies galore and an equally impressive number of ice cream selections. It’s safe to say that Adelaide loved her mac-n-cheese pizza, followed up with a cotton candy ice cream sundae. Yes, I also enjoyed some ice cream.

As a parent, I love being able to connect with my kids. I ask about her favorite pizza toppings. She talks about some of the parties going on at Peace-A-Pizza, and wanting one herself. Oh, Peace-A-Pizza was hosting a birthday party that including some kind of baking class, while there was also another painting class happening at the same time. You know Adelaide wants to be a part of both of those events, so that might be in the near future. Also, I get to listen to her talk to me at her own pace. She asks about my ice cream. She also asks about going somewhere else, which happens to be a favorite of mine – and hers. Adelaide asks to go to the comic shop.

One small section of the amazing ceiling at Cosmic Comix & Toys

Cosmic Comix & Toys

Cosmic Comix & Toys is our local comic book shop. I love that my kids love coming here. My kids ask to go as often as I’d like to go, but you know, money. But, I definitely want to support my local shop as often as possible. And, it lets me have some time with my kids as they get to peruse their new favorite comics. Their favorites have gone from Frozen to My Little Pony to Scooby Doo. It’s also great that Cosmic Comix has a children’s section. I feel completely comfortable letting my kids check out a section dedicated to them. They can look at various DC Super Hero Girls or Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir and I’m not worried about content.

Plus, they always carry a huge selection of Funko POP figures. My kids ask for a new one every single time we visit. No, we don’t always get one, but Christmas is approaching and they do make great gifts for them to give each other. I think the kids really love being able to look at items, actually touch them and read them, without getting into trouble. Granted, we do wash hands before heading to the comic shop to make sure we don’t leave greasy pizza hands all over the comics. But, my kids will sit on the ground looking at different comics, trying to find one to take home. Yes, they always ask to get one or two or three comic books. Yes, it’s exceedingly difficult to say no to them.

Finding Perfect Locations for Daddy Daughter Dates

I love having one-on-one time with my kids. Yes, I’ll call them dates. I just love getting to spend time with them. I always want them to know that dad wants to hang out and see how they’re doing. Also, I feel fortunate to be able to rely on a few locations to have fun with my kids. We don’t always go out to lunch, because we’re trying to be smart with spending. When we do eat out, my kids always find a way to mention Peace-A-Pizza. Whether we’re eating out or not, my kids will also mention going to the comic shop, because they love bringing home new comic books. And more times than not, we’re always going to the library. It lets our kids search and pick out books they want to read. These three locations make up a perfect weekend date.

So, what are your perfect dates with your kids? Where do you and your kids love to go to? Share your bests with us! Don’t forget to head over to Facebook and share your thoughts with us, while also sharing with your friends.

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