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Survivor Season 40 Episode 3 Highlights

Survivor Season 40 Episode 3 Highlights Podcast

In what some might call a dark day in Survivor, with a fan favorite being voted off, it’s safe to say Survivor Season 40 Episode 3 is another wild one. Travis shares his thoughts on the latest episode from Survivor, so check out the latest podcast from Laughing As We Go. He also gives a draft update and offers a prediction for next week’s episode.

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Survivor Season 40 Episode 2

This season is really ramping up and Meghan's winner pick gets voted out!

Survivor Season 40 Premiere Episode

The season starts out rough for Travis with the first two Survivor boots, but he'll share his top highlights of the premiere episode.

Survivor Season 40 Draft of the Ages

This draft pits Meghan's team, ANYTHING YOU CAN DO I CAN DO BETTER against Travis' team, MY WIFE IS RIGHT. Who has the best team?

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