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Survivor Season 40 Premiere Highlights

First Episode Highlights of Survivor

We’re bringing you another Laughing As We Go podcast episode, and it’s all about the Survivor Season 40 premiere episode. I share an update on our draft and who is leading who. I also give my highlights to the first episode of Winners at War. This was a phenomenal episode of Survivor, and I hope you enjoy my take on a great night of television.

If you need a quick reminder of our point system or who is on my team or Meghan’s, then check out our draft coverage.

Our Survivor Season 40 Draft Before the Premiere

Meghan and I put together a draft and we're interested to see who will take the crown by the end of this season.

Cherry Lemon Squeezy Cocktail Recipe

We've created a bartender series, where we make cocktails with what we have on hand.

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