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Survivor Season 40 Episode 7 Highlights

Survivor Season 40 Episode 7 Podcast

Travis shares his favorite highlights after another fan favorite leaves the game. He also gives a draft update and a prediction heading into the merge.

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Survivor Season 40 Episode 6 Highlights

After an incredible double elimination, Travis shares one of his favorite moments in Survivor history.

Fringe Season 1 Episode 3

Travis loves this show! He continues his rambling as he dives into the third episode from season 1.

Winey Parent Talk

Travis gives a Winey Parent update as he discusses the scary pandemic that is affecting everyone.

Special Note

We understand this is a difficult time dealing with social distancing from a scary pandemic. Meghan and Travis are very anxious about it, so they’re trying to provide content that’s somehow helpful. They’ve created a daily schedule for their kids, which is listed below (linked to article). They’re also going to be giving lighthearted updates on their status, with the main hope it helps you smile or laugh during such trying times. You can keep tabs on those updates over on the Winey Parent YouTube channel.

We wish everyone well.

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