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Winey Parent Talk: Our Parenting Process Right Now

Winey Parent Talk: Our Parenting Process is Fluid

Now, more than ever, our parenting process is constantly changing. We know our kids are doing the best they can, but we understand they’re anxious too. Meghan and I are doing what we can, so I spent about ten minutes in front of the microphone to check in with everyone.

We hope everyone is doing well. If you need a break, hopefully these parent talks will be a benefit to anyone needing an outlet from this scary pandemic.

Take care, everyone.

Building Sentences After an Egg Hunt

We hid a ton of Easter eggs around the house and then the kids went all around searching. Afterwards, they opened up and used the words inside to create some interesting sentences.

Keeping Our Kids on Some Kind of Schedule

We've adapted our schedule over the past two weeks, so check out what we've put together. Then, adjust it based on what works for your family.

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