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Survivor Season 40 Finale Highlights

Survivor Season 40 Finale Podcast

It’s been an amazing season and it ended in grand fashion. The three-hour season finale doesn’t let us down, as a new two-time winner is crowned!

Thank you for listening to my coverage of the Survivor Season 40 Finale. If you need to go back and start from the first episode, go to our Survivor page for each episode.

Fringe is Amazing!

Travis dives into Fringe Season 1 as he talks about the great elements that make up this show.

A Bartender Vlog

Meghan is the taste tester and Travis is the bartender. How could this possibly go wrong? Check out our vlog series and stay for the moments you get to laugh at Travis. Plus, cocktail recipes.

Am I Listening?

This past week has been – what’s the word – challenging. Everything seemed too much on one particular day. So, I wrote about it.

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