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Plan a Virtual Mom Date

Plan a Virtual Mom Date

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A Fun Mom Date

Having a mom friend is critical in this parenting journey. I talked about this in a previous article, but friends are so important I’m revisiting it again!

I was lucky enough to meet my best mom friend when we moved in 2016. We instantly hit it off and relied on each other for sanity. We would have dinner at each other’s houses at least once a week, and sometimes breakfast in pajamas too. But then, she moved to Texas. I cried real tears when she moved. I still cry sometimes when I think about it too much. We stay in touch, but it isn’t the same as walking across the street to hang out with your best friend and a box of wine.

So, when she sent me a GIF on Thursday saying she missed my face, I immediately said we needed to have a virtual mom happy hour. So, here is a part of what came out of our virtual mom date.

Share Your Mom Date Stories

What have you and your friends done to entertain each other, especially if you don’t live close to one another? Have you mailed each other letters? Did you send each other GIFs through Facebook Messenger all night long? Tell us your favorite “mom date” moments with us in the comments below!

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Game Night Date Night

One of the best ways to have a date night-in is to play a board game. And, one of the best board games is Ticket to Ride.

Fun Date Night Video

We answered some fun questions on video and there may have been some slightly ridiculous answers from one of us.

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