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The “I’m Done” Breaking Point

The “I’m Done” Breaking Point

Shut the I'm Done Front Door

Do you ever have the “I’m done” moments? That’s what I’m feeling right now. It’s all about eyeglasses. I unfortunately fell asleep on my glasses three months ago. Meghan did a wonderful job to glue it back on, until it finally didn’t hold together any longer. This isn’t a story about trying to place blame. It’s a story on trying to determine if I’ve lost my mind or do I truly have the right to be this frustrated? So, I’m sitting here with the latest try at a new pair of eyeglasses, and all I want to do is scream to the top of my lungs.

We're Talking About Eyeglasses?

There have been several delays during the process. I tried getting a blue-coating, which was supposed to be great for people who are on computers all day. Hmm, that sounds like it should be great. For me, it was like seeing blue splotches everywhere. Then, the Rx for my right eye was blurrier than what I’d previously had. Next, the eyeglasses didn’t meet quality control when it came back to the store. And now, I’m looking through a pair of eyeglasses where any kind of light behind me reflects onto my glasses. It’s like I’m walking through a haze or it looks like there are smudges all over my glasses. This is just trying to walking around my own house. I’m not outside. I’m currently sitting in a corner chair in my bedroom, with the blinds closed, and that light (source) is causing me to see reflections.

I started wearing eyeglasses in 2010, I think. I’ve never had this problem. I had them put on anti-glare, but it doesn’t seem to be there with this hazy, smudgy mess that’s on my face. That’s how it feels right now. I am trying to see the positives, because I am grateful that the store I’ve been dealing with has been kind when I’ve talked to them. And I’ve tried to curb my frustrations. I’m not very good at confrontations, so I try to deal with people in a way that I’d want to be treated. I hope that’s how it always comes out, but right now, it’s not feeling like the next conversation will be anything short of me crying on the phone from this maddening frustration.

Okay, I'm Done

Hmm, maybe that’s too extreme of a reaction. Have you gotten to a point like this before? What made you have to close your eyes, take a deep breath, and try to force yourself from not screaming out into the void? Feel free to vent below or head over to our Facebook page to share your thoughts.

*internal screams galore*

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