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Home to Host Thanksgiving

Home to Host Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving at Home for the "First" Time

This was the first year we stayed at home for Thanksgiving. Granted, we’re not going to count staying home a few years ago, because Adelaide had the stomach bug. No, we don’t count that, because we literally didn’t have any Thanksgiving food, because we’d planned to visit family. Fortunately, we had amazing neighbors that shared some of their Thanksgiving food with us. So, we ran out and grabbed a rotisserie chicken to go along with those sides from our friends.

Hosting Thanksgiving in our home is a somewhat small affair. We had Meghan’s parents over, and her aunt arrived just in time for dessert. This was a great first run, because it lets us see how many people we can host for future Thanksgivings. Admittedly, it was great to host Thanksgiving. It’s exhausting, of course, but it was nice to know that we could put things together as a family. Our kids were awesome! They wanted to help with so many different things. We let them help and they nailed it. Adelaide rolled silverware into napkins, while Marshall set the table. They both helped with the crescent rolls, and they helped with the green bean casserole.

Thanksgiving Fun for the Whole Family

Thanksgiving is also a great way to tell our kids, “It’s okay to take a break after dinner before diving into desserts.” From my past experiences, I would eat and eat until I was STUFFED. So, we made sure to let them know we’ll take a break before enjoying dessert. It’s such an awful feeling to eat too much food, despite it being absolutely delicious. They understood taking a break, but they were ready to enjoy dessert much sooner than any of the adults (haha). I didn’t even have any dessert. My full plate of food was enough to make me feel like dozing immediately after the dishes were done. I honestly don’t know how Meghan or I stayed awake afterwards. For everyone hosting Thanksgiving, are you usually exhausted afterwards?

Well, we’ve already changed gears and gotten ready for Christmas. The tree is up and most of our holiday shopping is complete. So, now it’s time to sit back, relax, enjoy Christmas lights, and turn on our “fireplace” for cozy evenings ahead.

A Wonderful ICE! Adventure

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