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Ticket to Ride: A Date Night Win

Ticket to Ride: A Date Night Win

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Your Ticket to a Successful Date Night

One of the best ways to have a date night-in is to play a board game. And, one of the best board games is Ticket to Ride. Let me start off by saying Meghan hasn’t always been into board games, but a game like Ticket to Ride is one of the main reasons we will spend time at the dinner table during our date nights.

This Days of Wonder board game, by Alan R. Moon, is simple to learn, has wonderful replay value, and is very entertaining. In fact, one of Meghan’s favorite parts of this game is that she crushes me almost every single time we play. She dominates this game so often, I sometimes imagine her with a really cool name, like one you’d assign to a video game. Hmm, I’ll share some of those nicknames later on.

For now, I’ll go over the basic premise of the game. So, let’s take a look at how easy Ticket to Ride is to play.

Before you Play

Choose a colored scoring marker and take the corresponding colored trains

 Available colors: Black, Yellow, Green, Red, and Blue

 Each player is dealt 4 Train Car cards

 Each player is dealt 3 Destination Ticket cards

 2 of the 3, if not all, must be kept

Rules of the Game

 Make one move during each turn

 Choose 1 or 2 Train cards

Choose 3 Destination Tickets

Must keep 1, 2, or 3 of these tickets

Claim a route

Use colored trains to claim routes on the board

Example: Chicago to Washington, D.C.

Final turn

Once a player is left with 0, 1, or 2 trains, everyone gets one final turn

Highest Score Wins

Points are earned by claiming routes, completing Destination Tickets, and 10 points goes to the player with the longest train route

Total Domination

Like I was saying before, Meghan owns me in this game. The only thing missing is a sound board calling off her victories as if she were playing Mortal Kombat. “Finish him!” “Flawless Victory!” Or perhaps even, “Your soul is mine!” Of course, if that were true, I’d need my own sounds for the screaming that takes place during each annihilation.

Oh, so what would her player name be if we were trying to make official the total domination that comes with her gameplay in Ticket to Ride?

  • The Conductor
  • The Dominator
  • Crusher of Dreams
  • Runaway Train (Filled with my Soul)

What Else is There to Play?

Meghan and I have a blast with Ticket to Ride and we would love to play other versions! There are several to choose from, including the expansion, USA 1910. There’s also Ticket to Ride Europe and other stand-alones that revolve around different locations all over the world.

If you’re looking to have a fun date night-in, and don’t mind risking crushing defeat (each and every time) like me, then Ticket to Ride is the perfect opportunity to see a smile on your partner’s face.

Now, if you don’t mind, I need to think of a new way to lose gracefully.

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