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Date Night on a Dime: Four Crazy Cheap Date Night Ideas

Date Night on a Dime: Four Crazy Cheap Date Night Ideas

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Cheap Dates…In Theory

The first step in making any cheap date night a success is to ditch the kids if you can. If you have family that can take your kids for the night, do it! If you don’t have family nearby, or they won’t take your kids for an overnight, check into an agreement with good parent friends to watch their kids one night and they watch yours another. Overnights aren’t always available, so swap babysitting duties with other parent friends. Because while we all love our kids more than life, sometimes we need a break to relax and connect with your partner. After all, your partner was in your life first and, in theory, you love him or her just as much as your kids. Life gets busy and we sometimes forget that that partnership needs love and attention too!cheap date night

Now, let’s check out some of our at home or cheap date night ideas below.

Wine Tasting At Home

When Travis and I were dating, long distance at that, we would have date nights in to save some money. We would head to the store and pick up a couple bottles of wine in the same variety, and get some fruit, cheese, and crackers. We would then head home with our goodies and set up a spread and try each wine, rate it, and then start with the best one for a full glass, because in theory, you won’t care as much if the wine is gross when you get to the third bottle! It’s a simple and relaxing way to connect and share conversation and a good time. It was also during one of these dates that we decided on our future children’s names!

Game Night

Grab your wine or beer or bourbon, or, well, you get the idea, and pull out your game stash. If you don’t have a game stash, check out Ticket to Ride and Carcassonne. I wasn’t really into games until I learned how to play these. And they are pretty easy to learn. Most of all, they are FUN! If you have other game suggestions, drop them in the comment section. We are always up for new, fun, easy to learn games. Don’t strap me with a game that requires too much concentration to learn, because, well, wine…

Head Outside

We often grab our drink of choice and head out onto the deck to relax and enjoy the weather. If you have a fire pit, even better! If you have no suitable outdoor space, pack a picnic and head to a local park.

Check out a local fair or festival

There are usually things going on in our hometown or somewhere nearby that are free or cheap. Soak up the atmosphere, such as local musicians, meeting up with friends, or enjoying fare from a food truck, all usually available at a local festival. You can enjoy a free/cheap date night by attending one of these free fairs, and if you’re interested in having a cocktail AND within walking distance, you can have one before leaving the house, limiting your costs before you leave.

I hope you and your partner enjoy some quiet time. I recommend a date night at least once a month, but take the opportunity to have a date whenever it arises. If you have any other cheap/free date night ideas, drop it in the comments. We love new ideas to keep things from getting stale. Also, remember to follow us on social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) for more ideas and funny parenting stories.

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