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To Theme or Not to Theme? That’s the Party Question

To Theme or Not to Theme? That’s the Party Question

The Themed Birthday Party

So, when do themes stop for birthday parties? Should they ever stop, or should they never happen to begin with? Well, if you don’t think your kids should have themed birthday parties, at least at some point, well, perhaps, some other fun activities are planned in the theme’s place. For us, we’ve been doing themed parties since our kids were born. And when I say we, I really mean Meghan. She’s the rock star at putting a party together. She creates fun invitations, puts together color schemes, establishes a food menu, then makes said food, and makes sure there are enough activities to get kids through a three-hour party time slot.

But when do birthday party themes go away? Personally, I don’t remember at what age the specialty birthday cakes or decorations revolving around specific cartoon characters stopped. I have always loved the idea of having birthday parties where friends come over to hang out and have fun. So really, a party seems like a perfect excuse to spend time with family and friends and celebrate those bonds. Maybe that’s the key to determining when the theme loses its novelty, if it ever does. Maybe just wanting to spend time with friends is the key motivation when it comes to whether a theme is important or not. Though, having a specific theme doesn’t mean that people have to dress up for said theme or participate in any of the activities.

Will These Parties Stop?

I guess one day our kids will either just stop wanting a Scooby Doo birthday party or they’ll look at me like I’m a madman at the very notion of not having a themed party. By the way, our daughter wants a Scooby Doo party this year and she wants to dress up as Daphne. Personally, I hope they never stop wanting to have birthdays like this. Maybe it’s because I can’t imagine them getting to a point where they say, “Dad, seriously, a themed birthday party?” Okay, maybe they won’t say it so sarcastically, but in the back of my mind, I can’t stop thinking about how much fun they have at these parties. They love getting dressed up, making their day even more special.

It’s safe to say I enjoy seeing people cosplay at conventions, and Halloween highlights people’s imaginations and their favorite characters. Knowing how much fun people have during the Halloween season makes me absolutely hopeful that my kids will always have that sense of joy each and every birthday. So far, our themes have involved Elmo (and Sesame Street), puppy dogs, superheroes, and classic Halloween characters (e.g. skeleton, mummy). As we move forward, the ideas will only increase as our kids are exposed to more TV, movie, and book characters. Marshall already wants to be Batman for Halloween, because, you know, Batman.

For or Against Themed Birthday Parties

Have your kids reached an age where they don’t want themed birthday parties? What age did it stop or are you still going strong even into their teens and beyond? Share your comments with us below and don’t forget to give our page a like on Facebook and share with all of your friends.

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