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Last Minute Date Night: Yes, Please!

Last Minute Date Night: Yes, Please!

Wanting a Last Minute Date Night Doesn't Make Us Bad Parents, Right?

If you get an opportunity to have a spur-of-the-moment date night, take it! Meghan and I were fortunate enough this past Friday. We received a text from Meghan’s mom asking to take the kids for the night. It’s last minute. It’s a surprise. And it’s absolutely amazing. We can’t express how much we appreciate a date night like this. Meghan has been busy back at work teaching, working after hour events, and taking our little girl to Girl Scouts each week. Oh, by the way, our daughter loves being a part of the Girl Scouts.

So, we pack a bag for the kids and head over to her parents. The kids are beyond thrilled and cannot wait to get inside and ask about the yummy treats they’re going to be having. It’s an amazing feeling to know your kids love to spend time with family. It’s one of those things that makes going out much easier, having that peace of mind. After we dropped the kids off, and high-tailed it out of there – I’m just kidding, we sped like a bat-out-of-hell – we started to talk about random things that we love to talk about. We always have date night questions that pop up, such as “Would you rather go to Japan or New Zealand?” Or “would you rather go to Paris or Venice?” And so on and so on, we play this game off and on.

Happy as a Bonfire at the Start of Fall

After we get home, we talk to our neighbors about a bonfire later that night, so our evening is set to go. We go for a walk and then head out to dinner. It’s sometimes strange to realize we don’t laugh as often as we’d like to, and sometimes, that’s a product of stress or not having enough date nights. It’s amazing how we laugh so much more when we’re out. Perhaps it’s because we know our kids are completely fine, they’re happy, and we’re allowed to connect with each other on our own.

Meghan and I had a wonderful dinner, enjoyed our walks, and spending time with friends at a bonfire. We even played some Carcassonne when we got home and stayed up late. And by late, I don’t mean the usual 9pm. We were up playing games until after 12:30am. Did we somehow jump back in time and become twenty-somethings again? Well, it’s safe to say we both wanted to go to sleep by 7pm the next day.

Share Your Last Minute Date Night Stories

What are some of your best spontaneous date nights? We are so grateful for ours and we can’t wait for the next one. We’ll keep you posted and you can always follow our dates nights over on Instagram. Now, how can we manage a date night weekend that includes a vineyard tour?

Our Date Night Staple

When we have dates, we like to talk about potential vacations, even if they're not a possibility in the near future, because money. So, we dream a little bit and it's (almost) just as fun.

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