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Weight Watchers: A Winey Parent Success Story

Weight Watchers: A Winey Parent Success Story

Winey Parent Weight Gain and Loss

We’ve all been there. Feeling good about how life is going and then, BAM, you see a picture of yourself that makes you think, “How did THAT happen?” I had that moment this past summer, after getting home from our trip to Colonial Williamsburg. This was our first family vacation, so Travis made sure to take plenty of pictures. In looking through them, however, I didn’t love the way I looked in the pictures. All those cocktails and snacks (and honestly, finishing off my kids’ food) snuck up on me and I was getting to an unhealthy weight.

Travis and I both struggle with our weight and self-confidence, but we try to not talk about it around the kids. We don’t want to pass down our insecurities about weight with our kids, so we don’t really talk about “dieting.” Instead, we talk about making healthier choices so that we can be as healthy as possible so that we can be the best parents possible.

My Weight Watchers Life

I’ve had success with Weight Watchers in the past, so I signed up for it in July 2018. I was nearing the 200 lb. mark on the scale and I didn’t like that at all! It is now February 2019 and I am happy to say I’m down to 165 lbs. So, in 7 months I am down 35 pounds. And it hasn’t been a struggle at all. I don’t feel like I am missing out or hungry all the time. I definitely cheat here and there, but Weight Watchers gives me the tools and flexibility to stay on track, or get back on track after a wild wedding weekend away!

The other thing that has really helped me this time around is that Travis signed up the day after me, using my code (so we both got a free month!) Of course, he’s a man, so he got like 15 more points a day than me, but I digress. Having both of us change our eating habits has helped tremendously! The kids are also eating healthier too, though they don’t follow Weight Watchers. I will make them their own meals sometimes, but the majority of the time, they eat what we eat. The different food options usually happen with sides we put on their plates, like rice or pasta, and Travis and I will just leave that off our plates.

Track and Join My Weight Watchers Journey

The keys to our success come from the knowledge that there will be ups and downs, but that we are overall making smarter food and drink choices. We are trying to be more active and challenge each other daily with our Fitbits. Having to track my food brings a level of accountability that I desperately need (hello, leftover food on my kids’ plate) and WW makes it so easy to track with the mobile app and barcode scanner.

So, if you have found yourself creeping up to an unhealthy point, join me in my journey. I feel great and feel like I look great too! Click here to use my code and get a free month! (I will also receive a free month along with you.)

Share your Weight Watchers story in the comments below or over at our Facebook community. I look forward to continuing this journey with you!

Before Weight Watchers (July '18)

How to Save Money on Food

Since starting the Winey Parent, we have really buckled down on our spending. The biggest area of our budget that we have been able to save money is on our food budget. If you ever get a chance to sit down and look at how much you spend on food, you might be surprised. Those occasional nights of take out or dining out really add up. So do those coffees you normally pick up at Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks. Stop spending money on things you can make yourself for less!

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