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Cooking with Kids: Making Hummus

Cooking with Kids: Making Hummus

Our Kids and Dips

Last week we beat the heat by staying inside and making fruit pizza. This week is even hotter, and we are opting for a no-cook recipe today. My kids love to dip things—all things. I mean they have even dipped their watermelon in ketchup just to dip things. Dipping is something they learned from their daddy…I sometimes have to look away so I don’t lose my appetite.

Making Hummus that Won't Last Long

But, one thing we all agree on is that hummus is YUMMY! I usually have to pick up 2 packages of hummus a week at the grocery store, that’s how much we love it. I have been wanting to try making my own hummus for a while now, but never had the time and I could never find tahini (we shop at Aldi, so selection is a bit more limited). Then I stumbled across this recipe from Highlights Along the Way and it didn’t call for any tahini!

Yay! Come on kids, we’re going to the store to get chickpeas! Yes, I’m weird. We picked up some fresh garlic, and lemon too while we were there to buy chickpeas. When we got home I had to dig out my food processor from the garage. The hubs actually asked me if I had ever used it, so now I can show him I DO use it! I gave it a quick clean and we got right to work. Don’t forget to reserve some of the liquid from the chickpeas. Throw everything into the food processor and run that puppy for 2-4 minutes. That’s it! How have I never made this before?

Do Your Kids Love to Dip?

Put it in a covered container overnight for the flavors to develop and serve it with your favorite veggies. The kids will gobble it up, including the veggies. Mom win! Do your kids love to dip? What are some of their favorites? Share with us and we’ll be back soon with another recipe.

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  1. Thank you for sharing our recipe! Isn’t it tasty? I will never buy hummus again!

    1. This is such a great recipe! It definitely does not last long in our house! This seemed to go so much quicker than ones we’ve bought in stores.

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