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How to Make a Stay Home Sangria Cocktail

How to Make a Stay Home Sangria Cocktail

How to Make Stay Home Sangria

We’re back with our bartender vlog! What are we making? We have a few ingredients to make a stay home sangria cocktail. Will it be any good? Check out our video to find out!

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If you’re interested in making stay home sangria, the recipe from the video is listed below.

Stay Home Sangria Cocktail Recipe

1 bottle Red Wine
1 cup Rum
1/3 cup Peach Brandy
1 1/2 cups Stale Ginger Ale
1 can Lemon Flavored Seltzer
Diced Strawberries, Nectarines, Green and Red Grapes

Put diced fruit into pitcher first to avoid lovely plopping sound. Pour bottle of red wine into pitcher. Measure out run, peach branch, very stale ginger ale, and then chill pitcher of sangria for one to two hours. Pour sangria into glass and then add lemon flavored seltzer to taste. Add ice if you prefer a colder cocktail.

If you want a smaller beverage, use a splash of each ingredient and then fill the glass with seltzer. Stir and then enjoy!

Additional note: We recommend non-stale lemon lime or orange soda for this recipe.

Whatever your drink of choice, please drink responsibly.

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